Within an hour’s drive of Smith Mountain Lake, the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is located atop Liberty University’s 5,000-acre mountain in Lynchburg, Virginia. Never before offered in the U.S., the complex has synthetic slopes offering year-round skiing, snowboarding, and tubing using a new technology called Snowflex, The Centre caters to snow sport enthusiasts during all four seasons of the year. Snowflex is comprised of several layers of carpet-like material and simulates the slip and grip of real snow. The patented misting system keeps the surface moist providing speed and edge control. The ski slope has beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails. For Freestyler enthusiasts the complex features an elevated cornice drop, triple kickers and a colossal quarter pipe. Young and old can enjoy Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.

Call for more information regarding prices and hours of operation

Admission Fee: rate varies

Children Welcome

Phone: (434) 582-3539 or (866) 504-7541

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.liberty.edu/snowflex