As you begin to make your list of all the amenities you want your new Smith Mountain Lake to have, there may be one item you may have overlooked. There is a lot to consider, and although your list may have some of the bigger items, such as lakeside and deep soaking tubs, if you are looking at lakeside homes, you might want to add a boat dock to the list of necessities! Offering a freedom that allows you to fully enjoy the perks of lake life and saving you money at the same time, a dock will move your already spectacular home to the next level of wonderful!

It Just Makes Sense

 If you’re living on the lake, you want to enjoy every aspect and if your dock offers you more chances to do so, all the better. Imagine being able to walk a few steps to your boat, anytime you want to, and go out to the middle of the lake to catch a few fish for dinner. You can still fish without a dock, of course, but everyone knows the best fish are in the out of the way spots that are difficult to find! And if you own a boat and are storing it at the marina, you will have to get up even earlier (and no one wants to do that!), drive to where your boat is stored, load everything in, and FINALLY get in and take off for a fun day of aqua excitement. In a world of instant gratification, this scenario is definitely not an agreeable one. And finally, do you even know what it costs this day to store boats at a marina? Everyone charges differently, but we can promise you that boat storage is the most expensive part of owning a boat; your dock can ease these excess costs or even eliminate them if your dock comes with a lift!

It’s Not Just About the Boat

 Docks offer the perfect jumping off spots on a hot and sultry Virginia summer day, giving owners the opportunity to perfect their swan dives and enhance the splash radius of their cannonballs. Place a couple of Adirondack chairs on yours and enjoy a comfortable space from which to watch the sunset or marvel over the blanket of stars overhead. The possibilities are limitless, and when you choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties to help you discover them all, the house of your dreams will become a reality. Give us a call today!