There’s something wonderful about the water. Be it a pond, lake, or even the ocean, it draws us near, fills empty spaces in our souls, and makes us feel as if everything in our worlds will be alright. When we have the opportunity to buy a waterfront home—in this case, a lakefront home—we can’t imagine anyone turning it down. There are, however, things you may need to consider when purchasing a lakefront home on Smith Mountain Lake, and our knowledgeable realtors at Smith Mountain Lake Properties have created this guide to ensure your Smith Mountain Lake homes on the lake is truly a dream come true!

Inspect Before Signing on that Dotted Line

The views from the wall of windows along that back wall may be distracting, but it’s important that you get the place inspected before making it your own. Mildew, and even worse, mold can turn your dream waterfront home into a nightmare if you’re not financially prepared for the clean-up that will be involved. Settling issues, roof problems, and flooring complications can also be a major predicament you’re just not willing to deal with, making that inspection vital to your bank account and peace of mind!

Is It a Good Investment?

If you’re purchasing the waterfront property as an investment, believe it or not, all lots are not created equal! Some spots may be too crowded and noisy, while others may have the views blocked by other buildings, trees, or overgrown foliage, leading to unhappy renters and no repeat business. Even if you are purchasing the property for your own personal use, we can help you do the research, ensuring that every aspect of your lakefront home is exactly what you dreamed it should be!

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Just as electric costs rise during the on-season of where you live, popular properties often have unexpected costs that you may not be willing or able to afford. Water and sewer fees tend to be higher closer to the water, septic tanks can raise your costs, and boat dock and lift fees can be a major drain on a tight bank account. If these expenses are out of your league, you may want to look for other ways to afford your dream home or wait and save a little longer!

Our Agents Want to Help You Find the Best Smith Mountain Lake Homes

Nothing is more frustrating than paying too much, no matter how much you love a home, and our experienced Smith Mountain Lake Properties real estate agents are here to help keep that from happening! Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your dream come true!