One of the hottest investments you can make right now is vacation rental property, and if you are seeking one in the Smith Mountain Lake area, we can promise you it will be the best decision you will make! Unfortunately, not all investment homes are created equal, and if this is your first time purchasing one, you may not know what makes one home work better than others. Because we want to see you succeed, we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties have created this guide to help potential investors know what to look for when they begin their search!

Location Matters

You are already in the right ball park if you are looking in the bucolic Smith Mountain Lake area, but if you want to be sure that you make that hit, choosing a home on the lake is your best first step. Vacationers want that lake lifestyle, need those water views, and will pay more for homes that allow them to walk off the porch and dive into the lake, so even if the cost is a little higher, the income will be higher as well!

Less Traffic Jams in the Mornings

No, we are not talking about the roads of Moneta or Bedford, we are talking about the traffic jams that take place every morning when there are not enough bathrooms to accommodate the number of guests staying in your place! Multiple bathrooms are one of the main reasons travelers are turning away from hotel rooms, so the more bathrooms you can offer in your rental, the more likely your guests will want to chose your home above all others!

Cleanliness and Comfort

Obviously, no one wants to stay in a dumpy and dirty vacation rental, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase one that is move-in ready; it just means you have to be able to look beyond the dingy and picture the potential! Our helpful agents at Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you find the investment property that will attract all the right interest; give us a call today!