When renting out your private residence for vacationers, it can help to stage your home a certain way for increased revenue. By encouraging guests to keep on returning, you can see an increased rental rate which will in turn lead to higher return on investments. Here are tips for vacation rental staging to increase your revenue:

Staging the Kitchen

One of the most important rooms in your vacation rental is the kitchen. While vacationers may not think about spending much time in there, their minds will be changed once they see how wonderfully designed your kitchen is. Making sure you have all of the necessary utensils and cutlery will have your guests prepared to save some money on going out and making meals there. Make sure your kitchen seems open and has plenty of seating options through chairs or stools. A vase of flowers or other table decorations will go a long way.

Vacation Rental Staging Tips for the Bedroom

Making sure your guests have access to freshly washed linens is an absolute necessity. Nothing will be worse than a guest showing up for their vacation only to find that there are no linens for them. Another important aspect to consider is the type of mattress you have available. While you do not need to provide an extremely expensive mattress, you should make sure the mattress is comfortable. Nothing is more welcoming than having a soft pillow top that feels wonderful to lay on. Finally, make sure your bedrooms have plenty of window shades to let your guests enjoy a deep slumber.

Staging the Living Room

Your guests will spend most of their time in the living area or lounge during their stay. Make sure your furnishings are comfortable and inviting. Having an open floor plan will make the room seem even bigger. Stage your furniture around a central perspective so the room ties everything together. Finally, having a flat screen TV with access to all of the latest streaming apps doesn’t hurt.

Renting with Smith Mountain Lake Properties

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