One of the hottest investments you can make right now is vacation rental property, and if you are seeking one in the Smith Mountain Lake area, we can promise you it will be the best decision you will make! Unfortunately, not all investment homes are created equal, and if this is your first time purchasing one, you may not know what makes one home work better than others. Because we want to see you succeed, we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties have created this guide to help potential investors know what to look for when they begin their search!

Location Matters

You are already in the right ball park if you are looking in the bucolic Smith Mountain Lake area, but if you want to be sure that you make that hit, choosing a home on the lake is your best first step. Vacationers want that lake lifestyle, need those water views, and will pay more for homes that allow them to walk off the porch and dive into the lake, so even if the cost is a little higher, the income will be higher as well!

Less Traffic Jams in the Mornings

No, we are not talking about the roads of Moneta or Bedford, we are talking about the traffic jams that take place every morning when there are not enough bathrooms to accommodate the number of guests staying in your place! Multiple bathrooms are one of the main reasons travelers are turning away from hotel rooms, so the more bathrooms you can offer in your rental, the more likely your guests will want to chose your home above all others!

Cleanliness and Comfort

Obviously, no one wants to stay in a dumpy and dirty vacation rental, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase one that is move-in ready; it just means you have to be able to look beyond the dingy and picture the potential! Our helpful agents at Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you find the investment property that will attract all the right interest; give us a call today!

One of our favorite parts of buying a new home is imagining all the possibilities, from the first peeks inside as you picture your teenage daughter lounging on the dock, soaking up the sun’s rays, to your son climbing high into that tree that provides the perfect amount of shade on a lazy summer’s day, to the thoughts of tossing out the tired décor of your current living room and starting from scratch. Everything about your new Smith Mountain Lake home is filled with possibilities, and to help with the portrait you have painted in your mind, this guide to living room décor trends will give you an idea as to what direction you want to take once you have signed on the dotted line.

Picking Colors

There are lots of ways to make a room your own, but sometimes the best thing you can do is pick up a paintbrush and give the space your personal touch! Paint is the cheapest mistake you can make, so if you don’t like your first choice, try, try, again. We promise that layers of paint won’t decrease the size of your living space! Today’s most popular color scheme is a gray and white combination, while other colors that are much loved, especially around lakes, are shades of blue or even pure white. White walls work much as they do in galleries, making your décor choices stand out. Remember, this is your room, and if you think a crimson red accent wall is what you want, a crimson red accent wall is what you should get!

Choosing Furnishings

We were so excited to read that current home decorating trends are leading towards cozy and comfortable, because when you think about it, the living room is where you will spend a good portion of your days, and you want to be comfortable. A sectional sofa covered in a soft chenille is always a good choice, offering the perfect place to nap, watch television, or offer guests a place to sleep. If you are worried about stains—lake living can be hard on the material—microfiber materials hold up to dirt well; you can always buy a machine-washable slipcover as well! Be sure to offer places to set cups, plates, and your feet because we all know kids and husbands can’t NOT rest their feet on coffee tables! Finally, when it comes to flooring, wood is a classic choice that will never let you down, but the new engineered hardwoods and vinyl plank options are hardy, less expensive, and stand up to lake life.

Before You Start Decorating

Now that you have a few ideas, the important first step must be taken: Give us a call today and let Smith Mountain Lake Properties find the home of your dreams!

Summer energy bills can be a little high, especially as you and your family or the guests that rent out your Smith Mountain Lake home run in and out of the property during the most expensive times of the day. Kids leave doors open, clothing gets washed, and televisions, radios, and laptops are consistently plugged in and used, running the bill even higher. This guide to some energy-saving tips we have learned over the years, however, will help make your summer bank account stretch a little further, as you won’t have to put so much of it towards the bills!

Save the Big Appliance Use for After the Sun Has Set

Washers, dryers, even the oven in your kitchen can drive up the energy usage, so waiting until the cooler hours to use any of these appliances can definitely help! In addition, dryers can be the biggest energy suckers, which leads us to yet another tip: Hang your clothes out on a line and reap the benefits. Sleep comes easier when you fall into beds topped with sheets that smell like sunshine, and if you happen to save a little money while doing so, it is a good thing!

Plant a Tree Near the House

This environmentally sound tip is often surprising to people, but when you plant a tree near the house, it can lower energy bills as much as 25%! Cleaning the air and providing birds and other wildlife a new home in which they can reside is a bonus that we can all happily live with, and the shade it offers also provides a great place for energetic kids to play during the warmer days of summer.

Smart Thermostats Are a Smart Solution

Air conditioners are the biggest culprits when it comes to high energy bills, but a smart thermostat can help take a bite out of the bills! Some electric companies offer a credit when you install one in your home, and if you are following a time of use plan, setting it at higher temps during the more expensive hours will save you money, and you won’t have to remember to run back to your house and change it as you would a manual one.

Choose an Energy Efficient Home

New homes offer a lot of benefits, including energy efficiency, and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you find the new home of your dreams! Give us a call today and let’s find the summer home that meets all your qualifications.

Everyone, no matter their age, location, or even financial status has at least a vague idea of what they want in their dream home. Some dream big and have it planned out to the tiniest details—which may or may not include a window seat in the bedroom, a faucet over the stove for filling pasta pots, or even a tire swing hanging in the mature tree in the front yard! Others may not have more than a vague idea of space and number of bedrooms but feel they will just know it when they see it. For those that fall in the latter group, this guide will be a helping hand when you start the search for your dream home!

Location Matters

There are many things that can give you that irritating feeling in the back of your head that tells you this is NOT the one, and the wrong location can make the voice in your mind scream louder! After narrowing your search down to the Smith Mountain Lake region, you still have many decisions to make. One of the top questions you may ask yourself is whether you want to be on the lake or in a family neighborhood filled with kids close to the ages of yours. The good news is those questions are easily answered, and if you are still having a hard time narrowing it down, our Licensed Realtors can show you a bit of both.

Amenities Are Important

It’s true that you can cover a bad paint job and put in new flooring, but it can be more difficult to add a window seat and virtually impossible to add a basement! When you look through home magazines, start keeping a list of the items that interest you: gas stoves instead of electric, the pot-filler we mentioned earlier, or a three-car garage as opposed to the standard two-car one found on most homes. As you fill up your pages, your vision of your dream house will become clearer.

Does It Give You Goosebumps?

This last tip is more abstract and really can’t be explained, it has to be felt, but trust us: When it happens, you will know! One day you will open the door, and as clear as the windows that look out onto Smith Mountain Lake, you will be able to see your family gathering at the dining room table, swinging on the tire swing, and laughing at barbecues on that deck that overlooks the scenic landscape of the Smith Mountain Lake region! Goosebumps will arise on your arms and you will turn to your Smith Mountain Lake Properties agent and smile broadly as you say, “This is the one!” Give us a call today and let’s make the home of your dreams a reality.

Sometimes we seem to forget that Memorial Day isn’t just a holiday that kicks off the summer fun, but is a day meant for remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This year, however, as you have begun the hunt for a new home, you have contemplated all you have in your life, all that has been granted to you, and you think it’s time to put the memories back in Memorial Day! Making it easier to acknowledge and celebrate, choosing a home near the monuments listed in this guide will ensure that you never forget again!

Longwood Cemetery, 1131 Park Street in Bedford

What better way to acknowledge the brave people who gave their all for our nation than with a visit to a military cemetery, especially one that has such a long and rich history? Longwood Cemetery was the first cemetery in Bedford (then known as Liberty), serving as the final resting place for Revolutionary War soldiers. Although you may not want your new home located right next door, it can be comforting to know that the original heroes lie not far from where your head hits the pillow. Other cemeteries in town include Oakwood and Elks National Cemetery, offering a final resting place for soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War and every battle in between.

The National D-Day Memorial, 3 Overlord Circle in Bedford

 True patriots will thrill to find a home in Bedford, perhaps our most patriotic of all towns, as this all-American city is also home to the National D-Day Memorial. Paying homage to all D-Day veterans, it also tells the story of the Bedford Boys. Over 30 young men from our small Virginia town were a part of the initial battle with 21 of them losing their lives which was a huge loss to our small community and eventually led to the idea of creating a monument. During your visit you can read the stories told by veterans, stand in awe of the concrete structure, and even listen to original D-Day news broadcast that covers the invasion as it happened. We like to stop by this important monument on a regular basis and pay our respects; no matter how often we listen to the broadcast, we still get goosebumps that increase with every word spoken.

Your All-American Home in the Smith Mountain Lake Area

 Give Smith Mountain Lake Properties a call today and let us help you find the All-American home that fits your patriotic requirements!


When you first made the decision that your next new backyard was going to be on Smith Mountain Lake, chances are you weren’t thinking about the minutia of the everyday. You planned on researching schools for your children, you checked out the distance from home to work, and you may have already discussed doctors and dentists with the ones you have now; referrals from trusted people make the move go that much smoother! But what about groceries? You’ve shopped enough over the years to understand what you like and what you don’t like, but how do you find the right grocer in your new neighborhood? You talk to the same people who found your beautiful forever home—the knowledgeable and kind agents at Smith Mountain Lake Properties—and let us guide you in the right direction around Smith Mountain Lake!

Food Lion, 14807 Moneta Road in Moneta

If this is your first time in the area, you may not have heard of this venerable institution, but we here in the Smith Mountain Lake region love Food Lion! Offering everything you need to feed hungry families in a store that is clean, well laid out, and filled with only the friendliest of staff, it also offers a pharmacy, gift center, and a very innovative wine selection; it’s a one stop shopping oasis that will soon become your favorite stomping grounds!

White House Corner Store, 11674 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway in Huddleston

Sometimes you have the need for just an item or two and may not want to run to the Food Lion where you can get distracted by all that’s available and end up spending far more than you originally planned. For these last-minute items, a visit to the White House Corner Store will prove to be exactly what you need. Pick up some ice cream, fill your gas tank, and catch up on the gossip of Smith Mountain Lake!

Diamond Hill Grocery, 1012 Diamond Hill Road in Moneta

Offering a step back to kinder and gentler days, Diamond Hill Grocery offers small town charm free with every purchase. Pick up a gift for your family, some wine for yourself, or some pretty flowers to plant in your new backyard. This sweet shop has pretty much anything you could ever need!

Your Friends at Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Being a realtor is more than just finding the perfect house; it involves knowing the neighborhoods and the people that live in them, and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties do just that. If you’re still in the “considering” stages of purchasing a home, give us a call and let us do what we do best: find you the perfect home of your dreams in Smith Mountain Lake!

The family phase of life is quite possibly the best phase of them all, and when it comes time to seek out a home to make new memories, it’s important that you do it right. This isn’t the time to take the first property you see just because it’s the right color and has the right number of bedrooms; now is when you do a little research, check out school districts, find the parks, and search for other families with children that are approximately the same age as your own. A home is a big investment, and if your Smith Mountain Lake home search goes well, you’re about to make your last investment of a lifetime. It’s time to find your forever home in one of the communities that are best for families in the Smith Mountain Lake region of Virginia!

Mariner’s Landing

Living like you are permanently on vacation is possible for families when you find your dream Smith Mountain Lake home in the Mariner’s Landing community. Offering resort amenities in a community where children thrive, the sports courts, swimming pools, and playground are designed to create an environment that children and parents will never want to leave. Located in the Bedford County School District, there are 15 elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools, all of which focus on learning and are highly rated in the state.

The Waterfront

This luxury community offers a lifestyle that appeals to all demographics, including those with families. Featuring a variety of Smith Mountain Lake home styles, there’s always something interesting and exciting for families to do. The Waterfront Country Club, tennis and pickleball courts, a wading pool for children, and a boat dock that offers easy access to Smith Mountain Lake are just some of the activities that make this community so special. Located in Franklin County, the schools in the area are a blend of public and private schools, all offering an excellent education.

The Town of Moneta

There’s an appeal to small towns that make them the perfect settling spots for families, and Moneta is the perfect example. Offering security, friendliness, and a slower pace of life than that found in larger towns, the neighborhoods were designed to be kid friendly and welcoming to families. The Town Center neighborhood is considered one of the best neighborhoods for education, with Dudley Elementary being one of the top elementary schools.

Let Us Help You Find Your New Smith Mountain Lake Home

Our Smith Mountain Lake Properties agents are the experts when it comes to finding the family community that will suit you best. Give us a call today and let’s get the home search started!

Buying a second home is one of the biggest investments that many families have been making over the past several years. Many see it as a great investment and way to increase their overall portfolios. But is buying a second home for you? Like with everything, there are a number of pros and cons that come with buying a second home, and if you’re in the market, there are a few things you should know about investing a second time in Smith Mountain Lake real estate:

Pro: Money Making Potential in Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

One of the biggest reasons that many decide to purchase a second home is for it to become a source of secondary income, and times have arguably never been better to do so! A study was conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2016 that showed 36.6% of all heads of household in the United States rented their home, which equates to about 43.3 million Americans. This percentage and sheer number of renters has never been higher, and so it’s a phenomenal opportunity to rent your secondary home and make some additional cash while you’re at it!

Con: Additional Maintenance Costs

One thing many people who are buying a second home for the first time overlook, especially if they are planning on renting out the property, is the additional expenses that come with home maintenance—especially those you may not normally have at your primary home! For example, you may never think about having a landscape at your primary home because you do all of the work yourself, but if you’re away from your second home for any significant amount of time, you know that it will take some work to keep it looking its best, thus an additional maintenance expense for a landscaper. Issues such as this, traditional maintenance, and god forbid serious issues such as the roof needing to be replaced or a pipe bursting are all additional maintenance costs to keep in mind.

Pro: You Get to Pick Your Perfect Vacation Location

There’s a certain comfort that comes with owning a second home, especially when your primary reason for purchasing is for vacationing, as you can pick the exact location of your vacation spot whenever you’d like! Say you know this perfect area of Smith Mountain Lake that you prefer to vacation at; it’s quiet, the sunrises are perfect, and the fish are always biting out on the water. Why not purchase a second home right in that area so you can visit any time you like? That way you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a hotel or home in the area at the time you need – just go when you want to!

Con: The Feeling of Inflexibility When Planning Vacations

This is an issue that comes up more than you think! Purchasing a second home is a big investment, both financially and with your personal time, and this pressures many homeowners into feeling that they have to stay at their second home to justify their purchase. This can lead to a significant feeling of inflexibility when planning your vacations every year, as many feel they have to stay at their second home either a certain amount of times or for a certain length of time to feel better about their purchase.

Buying a second home can certainly be both a scary and exciting time, and so if you need any help or guidance, know that Smith Mountain Lake Properties is here to help. Our world-class customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions you have about Smith Mountain Lake real estate, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!