If you’re visiting Virginia, you should make the most of it by enjoying its natural beauty—and if you love enjoying the fantastic beauty of the natural world, you should come here to Virginia. These five attractions alone make it worth the trip, displaying a breath-taking variety of natural marvels.

Natural Bridge

For our first natural wonder, head to I-81 S from Smith Mountain Lake, then head northeast for another half-hour to find Natural Bridge. It was celebrated as “The Bridge of God” by the Monacan tribes and one of the first American natural wonders discovered by European settlers, this natural arch stands tall above rock walls 215 feet tall, and the bridge spans a 90-foot gorge. Pictures don’t do it justice—see it to believe it!

Natural Bridge Caverns

Some of Virginia’s best attractions are hiding just beneath the surface. Discovered much more recently than the Natural Bridge, the Natural Bridge Caverns are one such marvel, located near Natural Bridge. The caverns extend deep, holding such fantastic surprises as Mirror Lake and the Colossal Dome.

Crabtree Falls

If you’re looking for more aquatic examples of natural beauty, then Crabtree Falls should be your next stop. It’s the longest cascading waterfall in the eastern U.S. and is easily accessible by trail. In fact, another trail follows right alongside the falls, letting you enjoy the five ethereal cascades from different angles. The falls are about two hours northeast of Smith Mountain Lake.

McAfee Knob

Part of the celebrated Appalachian Trail, McAfee Knob is an outlook that offers spectacular views and photos. It offers a 270-degree panorama of the valleys and mountains. The round-trip hike is about 8.8 miles and reaches a peak of 3,197 feet. The trailhead is northwest of I-81, about 30 minutes from Roanoke.

Luray Caverns

These are another exciting, enticing look at the wonders hiding below the ground. The Luray Caverns’ claims to fame include the world’s largest musical instrument: the stalacpipe organ, an organ hooked up to tiny mallets that strike tuned rock formations throughout the chamber. The 3.5 acres of tuned stalactites echoing in the cavern is a once-in-a-lifetime auditory experience. The Luray Caverns are near I-81, about three hours northeast of Smith Mountain Lake and two hours west of Washington, D. C.

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