As you settle in for the winter in your new Smith Mountain Lake home away from home, the Valentine’s Day holiday reminds you of how little you know the area you have made your forever home. How do you bring sweets to your sweetest if you don’t know the nearest chocolate store and how can you plan a romantic night out when you don’t know the best restaurants in town? This guide to romantic Smith Mountain Lake activities that will make your Smith Mountain Lake homelife even more special is brought to you by the same people who found your dream home for you! Smith Mountain Lake Properties doesn’t ever desert you in your time of need and the proof is written right here on this page!

The Copper Kettle Company, 52 Firstwatch Drive in Moneta

Finding a restaurant that you can call “your place” isn’t always easy to accomplish, but we think the Copper Kettle Company in Moneta might be just the thing. Offering comfort foods that, well bring comfort, a full bar, and breathtaking views from their patio, this is the restaurant guaranteed to make you feel at home as you celebrate your love!


Hickory Hill Vineyards, 1722 Hickory Cove Lane in Moneta

When you can’t decide which is sweeter, that first kiss or the first sip of wine, why not celebrate both with a visit to Hickory Hill Vineyards? Located not far from your Smith Mountain Lake love nest and featuring the best of wines near and far, although their tasting room and gift shop are no open during the winter months, they ARE offering a Sweetheart’s Wine Tasting on Valentine’s Day, so make your reservation today. Once you discover how great their wines taste, we are sure it will be a regular stop on your spring and summer shopping schedule!


Romance at Home

The most romantic activity of all, however, may not involve leaving your love nest! A roaring fire in the fireplace, a chilled bottle of wine, and a simple meal created in the kitchen of your dreams can be all you need to make this Valentine’s Day one you will never forget. And if you haven’t quite reached the sign on the dotted line and are still in the search for your own honeymoon hideaway, Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you get there sooner. Give us a call today and let’s get you into the home of your dreams!

The magic of the Smith Mountain Lake area is hinted at in its name, offering a variety of landscapes that include a beautiful and serene lake, as well as the rugged beauty of the mountains beyond. The best of both worlds can be yours when you choose to live in this part of Virginia because you know the secret: seasons that are serenely beautiful and adventures that can take place any month of the year when you explore the fun that can be had at nearby Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre! This guide to the center, brought to you by our hard-working Smith Mountain Lake Properties staff, shows off the versatility of your brand-new Smith Mountain Lake happy home.


A Different Type of Adventure


Located in nearby Lynchburg, Virginia, snowing, skiing, and tubing can take place during all the seasons, as they have developed a material that resembles snow, softening the paths that lead down the mountain. Take snowboarding lessons in the summer and know that you are doing something special as you shred the terrain wearing shorts, tees, and a giant smile on your face! Take your littles on a tubing adventure in the spring, being sure to stop for snacks in the concession center, where the décor will transport you instantly to a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps. Christmas card pictures taken in front of a roaring fire will be the envy of your friends and family, as the stone fireplace, tongue and groove planked walls and ceiling, and comfy sofas in the center create a backdrop that makes any picture look all that more special! Offering a rock wall for climbing, trail rides through the beautiful natural landscape of Lynchburg, and outdoor adventures every day of the year destined to make you glad you chose to purchase a home that is close to Liberty Mountain! Special events spread out over the 12 months of the year give you something to look for during the slower moments in your life and the fun you can have with your family at any time ensures that your bonds will never loosen!


Choosing Smith Mountain Lake Properties


Would you have discovered Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre without our help? Eventually you would have, we are sure, but the real question is whether you would have found the home of your dreams without us? We like to think it’s a special gift we have, matching homes with their dream families and vice versa, so give us a call today and let’s get the process of moving you started!

As you begin your search for the Smith Mountain Lake home of your dreams, you may discover that choosing the perfect location is a little more difficult than you thought! There are so many incredible homes in this area, each offering a little something the one before it may have lacked, so how can you ever narrow down your options to “The One?” We think we can help make that final decision a little easier simply by choosing the home that lies nearest your favorite attractions, and this guide to the top tours in the Smith Mountain Lake region is guaranteed to help you choose, purchase, and sign on the dotted line!

Cruise on the Virginia Dare

The best way to see Smith Mountain Lake is by boat, and the Virginia Dare has been a local must do for as long as we can remember; 1989 is when this particular beauty first became THE boat for cruises on Smith Mountain Lake! Offering sightseeing cruises that show you the best of the region, including one of the oldest tobacco farms in the region and an antique carousel that you and your family will want to visit in person soon, each cruise lasts about two hours and offers cruises from April through December. Currently you can only book through the end of October, but we imagine that will be updated soon. Choose one of their cruises that serves food and enjoy a delicious meal as you skim across the waters on a 19th century reproduction of a side wheeler, enjoying yet another perfect day in Virginia!

Poplar Forest

As you start to extend your Smith Mountain Lake house hunt a little further out, you may be surprised to discover that Poplar Forest, a home that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, is located just a short distance from the lake! Offering guided tours that lead you through history, this beautiful retreat offers a respite from the world’s problems and the small town of Forest (in which the home is located) is a quiet family oriented village that just might hold the key to your new front door!

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When you first begin to look at homes on Smith Mountain Lake, you also begin to realize that your needs for a home on the lake are completely different than those of a land-bound home. You’ll want hammocks to hang between the trees that overlook the lake, a dock to tie your boat to, and of course, the boat itself! But after you purchase a house and the furnishings and décor that signify you are living lake life now, your bank account may be a little low. Does that mean you have to wait to enjoy time on the lake until your coffers are refilled? Of course not, it just means that you might want to take a look at these places that offer boat rentals until the glorious day arrives that you can purchase your own vessel!

Bridgewater Marina & Boat Rentals

If you were a fan of the movie “What About Bob?” in the 90s, you have already seen your new hometown without knowing it, as many of the scenes were filmed right here in Moneta! Your house on the lake of Moneta is designed to reveal all the lake views while staying cozy and comfortable, and because the Bridgewater Marina & Boat Rental shop is not far away, you could have one of their Starcraft Starsteps tied to your dock in no time at all!

SML Boat Rentals at Mitchell’s Point Marina

The lake home you are seeking may not even be built yet, especially if you are looking at a lot in Huddleston, but SML Boat Rentals at Mitchell’s Point Marina has the perfect vessel waiting for you once construction has finished. Choose a fishing boat and spend your day catching the evenings meal or rent a pontoon and have a house warming party that your friends and family will never forget!

Westlake Boat Rentals

Although we all love the peace and serenity that goes along with lake life, some of our clients like to be nearer big towns; choosing Hardy for your new neighborhood is the perfect solution! Offering the simple charms of rural life on the water but located just a few miles outside the bigger town of Roanoke, homeowners can live in the best of both worlds with a Blue Fun Deck Boat or a jet ski from Westlake Boat Rentals tied to their dock.

Every Day Is a New Adventure!

The joys of lake life are your reward for all your hard work over the years, and when you choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties to help you find your forever home, you know your home will be the perfect fit! Give us a call today and let’s get this new chapter in your life started.

The search for a new home often involves a little more work than you planned but choosing a Smith Mountain Lake home helps take away the pain as you adjust to an outdoor lifestyle you can’t help but fall in love with. Whether you are swimming in the lake on a lazy summer day, fishing from the shore as the sun rises, or are hiking along one of the many trails that traverse the Virginia landscape, every moment just keeps getting better and better. This guide to the top hiking trails that can be found near your new Smith Mountain Lake property ensures you get the best of the indoor and outdoor life!

At Home in Huddleston

Smith Mountain Lake Park, based out of Huddleston, offers a variety of trails that are perfect for hikers of all skill levels. Choose a gentle walk along the easy White Tail Path and connect to other trails that are more difficult or put in a little extra effort with a hike along the moderate Chestnut Ridge Trail and know that when you arrive back at your brand new to you Huddleston home, it will have all the luxury amenities you need to help you rest, recharge, and feel revived at the end of your day.

Bring It in Bedford

Bedford is known for its D-Day Memorial, the Bedford Museum, and one of our more difficult hiking trails, the Sharp Top Mountain Trailhead. Slippery and harder to traverse during the winter and rainy season, this well groomed trail offers natural border steps, a peek inside a historic stone house, and views designed to take your breath away. Every step, every turn, every moment of your hike promises to be an exercise in wonderful, made even better when you return to the new Bedford home of your dreams.

Making Life Special in Moneta

Family time doesn’t have to be about competition; sometimes the best moments are the ones spent walking along the streets of your new Moneta neighborhood. Simple to navigate, the conversations you can have during this walk will be ones you never forget and will also be memorable for those you are sharing your journey with.

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Although the changing of the seasons in the Smith Mountain Lake is always a treat we look forward to, it’s summer that holds a special place in our hearts. Waking up each morning to a day filled with the promise of summer fun will be even more special when you wake up in the bedroom of your very own Smith Mountain Lake home. This guide to early summer activities in our favorite place of earth is just the start of all that you will have to look forward to when you choose to make Smith Mountain Lake your permanent home!

Every Day Is Better Than the Last

We can’t guarantee that everything in your life will instantly become perfect when you buy a new Smith Mountain Lake home, but we can promise that it will help to make even the bad days seem more bearable! How can you stay angry when you are enjoying a barbecue on the deck overlooking the lake while you watch the boats speed by, listen to the birds sing to each other, and feel that early summer breeze lightly kissing your cheeks? Lake life is something we all aspire to live, and by choosing to purchase your dream lakeside property, you can enjoy evenings like this every night of the season!

Make the most of the summer season by getting out on the water. Kayaking is quite popular, and if you happened to purchase a home with its own private dock, boating with the family is sure to be one of your favorite pastimes! Paddle around the lake at your own leisure and be sure to bring a pole or two to while away the hours with some casual fishing.

Find Your Dream Home

As you spend your early summer days playing on the lake, reading in the hammock you strung between the trees on your property, and listening to the sounds of your children discovering that video games pale in comparison to all the fun they can have outside, you will have no regrets! Give us a call today and let Smith Mountain Lake Properties find the home of your dreams.

We’re about to let you in on a secret that residents of the Smith Mountain Lake Area hold near and dear to their hearts: Winter is one of the favorite times of year of all who live here! If you’ve been considering a move to the area, fear of winter has probably been a major hesitation point in the decision-making process, and we’re here to show you that not only do need not to be afraid of the season, your first winter on the lake is bound to make you fall even deeper in love with the region! Offering, peace, beauty, and a variety of activities, life is never dull during a Smith Mountain Lake winter.

Peaceful Moments of Wonderful

The first thing we have to discuss is the peace and quiet. As much as we love summer and the flocks of guests that arrive each year, the quiet of a winter day feeds our soul after they have all returned home. For those of us who live on or near the lake, evening walks after the sun has set allow us to calm our thoughts; how can you be stressed or worried as the sounds of the night mingling with the quiet splash of lake water acts as a soothing lullaby to your soul? When the temperatures drop to a point that’s not comfortable (which happens rarely!), most of the homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area come with fireplaces for added warmth; the heating systems work just fine, but the romance of a roaring fire enjoyed with that special person in your life makes every winter night a special one.

Smith Mountain Lake Activities and Events

Just because the temperatures have dropped below balmy doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend the rest of your Smith Mountain Lake winter huddled in front of that all-important fireplace. In the first place, it doesn’t get THAT cold much of the time, and there’s so much to do in the winter, it would be depressing to miss out on the activities because you’re worried about a little frost! Enjoy a wine tasting at Hickory Hills Vineyards and Winery in Moneta or snowboarding with the pros at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg. A hike in the snow through the woods will work up a gigantic appetite that can only be sated with good old fashioned comfort food found at The Roanoker Restaurant in nearby Roanoke; featured in magazines and television shows all over the US, this spot has become a local tradition for Smith Mountain Lake residents!

When It’s Time to Make the Move to Smith Mountain Lake

There’s nothing holding you back. Give us a call today and let’s start the search for your Smith Mountain Lake dream home!

Standing guard over the lush woodland forests that engulf the famed Blue Ridge Parkway are the three Peaks of Otter: Sharp Top, Flat Top, and Harkening Hill. These majestic spires dominate the skyline and the scenic vistas for miles around, making them the crown jewels in this pristine forest and recreational oasis. For centuries the rolling hills and forests around Abbot Lake – a sapphire jewel at the center of the park – was a revered hunting ground for Native Americans, and historic figures like Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee would frequent these idyllic mountains. Today, visitors enjoy camping, fishing, and several breathtaking hikes to the nearby peaks that reward the intrepid with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smith Mountain Lake to the south.

A Walk in the Woods

Hikes in the region range from gentle walks around scenic Abbot Lake to more rigorous day hikes to the summits of Sharp Top and Flat Top. Scaling the mountain peaks yields a reward of incredible vistas and sunrises, with plenty of opportunities for viewing the abundant wildlife (deer, wild turkey, rabbits, fox, forest birds, and more) in their natural habitat. An easy yet rewarding hike is the circuit around Abbot Lake. You will walk through mountain meadows burgeoning with brilliant wildflowers and alive with a living sea of migrating butterflies in the spring, while the autumn brings a fireworks display of fall foliage like you have never seen. Fishermen will want to grab a license and try their luck on the well-stocked waters of the lake which boast abundant bass, sunfish, and bluegill.

Hiking the Peaks

The hikes can be done in combination or separately. Sharp Top is the shorter of the two summit hikes and the most popular (and crowded); but even at 3.6 miles the elevation gain is quite steep and the workout is strenuous. Still, the views and scenic overlooks are well worth it. From the summit you have uninterrupted 360-degree views of the scenic forests and valleys far below. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, Sharp Top has a melancholy segment of history attached to it as well. This peaceful peak was the site of two different WWII tragedies: a B-25 bomber crashed here during training exercises in 1943 (its wreckage can be found if you know where to look), and the town of Bedford far below lost 19 of its young men during the initial landings on D-Day in Normandy in 1944—a huge blow to the small community.

From Sharp Top you can continue on to Flat Top via the Lake Trail. Connecting the two makes one long hike (9.8 miles), or you can access Flat Top directly from the Visitor Center and tackle its 6 miles on their own. This hike offers much more solitude due to its longer length and smaller crowds, and it offers views of Abbot Lake, relatively easy switchbacks, and a stunning meadow full of mountain laurel, a brilliant flower that blooms every spring.

The luxury vacation homes at Smith Mountain Lake Properties are an ideal place from which to explore the natural wonderland at the Peaks of Otter. Just a short drive away, we revel in the iconic mountain tops’ beauty every day, and we are proud to offer the best value, the most luxury, and the best customer service in the entire region. Browse our entire selection of lakeside homes and make your reservation online, today!