The American dream often consists of many parts but at its center is always the plan to own a home and with the all-American holiday of Memorial Day rolling around soon, now is the time to make your own American dream come true in the Smith Mountain Lake region. Spend your long weekend relaxing on a hammock tied between two trees overlooking the lake, grilling your favorite meats on the deck of your home, also looking over the lake, and paying homage to those who sacrificed everything for the freedoms you will enjoy that much more as you look about the home that we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties helped you find.

The Weekend Begins

Close your eyes and picture it. You awaken at your normal time on the first day of the three day weekend and soon realize that the alarm has not been set and your day does not have to begin yet. Thinking ahead the night before, you closed the curtains to the views outside your new home, and in the quiet hours of the early morning, your sleepy brain congratulates last night’s proactiveness! Later you will awaken for real and prepare to head to your favorite restaurant for a hearty breakfast; your list of wants and needs you gave us at the beginning of your search may have included proximity to the Old Oak Café in Moneta and as always, we delivered!

A Good Time for Gardening

Many of the fun things we love to do get pushed aside on normal weekends as we spend our 2 days off catching up on all the chores we couldn’t do during the week, but a three-day weekend is special and after a big breakfast, it’s off to Walter’s Greenhouse you go to purchase some plants to make your new backyard the oasis you have been dreaming about. Perhaps you are looking to add some cheerful sunflowers to the garden just beyond the hammock we mentioned earlier, or maybe the aromatic fragrance of a beautiful rose is what your new space needs to feel like you’re home, but whatever you need, Walter’s always provides.

What’s Memorial Day Without a Barbecue?

Barbecues and pool parties are integral parts of the holiday experience and they also offer the perfect opportunity to meet your new neighbors! Whether you have added an outdoor kitchen to your oasis or are just grilling up the all-American meal of burgers and hotdogs on the brand new propane grill you purchased at the local Home Improvement store, located just down the road from your Smith Mountain Lake cozy abode!

Every Day will be Your Favorite Day

You may still be able to grill, relax, and party with your neighbors without owning your own home, but what’s the fun in that? Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your American dream come true!

The best way to make your new house your home starts with a meal, but not just any meal. We have all stayed in enough vacation rentals over the years and have cooked in enough kitchens to understand that not all kitchens are our own, but when you cook your first holiday meal in your brand new kitchen, it all becomes clear. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with every pulse of the food processor, every spoon licked by your child, and every scrap caught before it hits the floor by your favorite fur baby, its heart beat begins to beat with your own. This guide starts with cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and becomes the first chapter in the story of your new Smith Mountain Lake home and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties are glad to have a place in your story!

Thankful for the Perfect Meal

The perfect meal starts with the perfect kitchen, and although you probably didn’t realize it at the time, most of the rejects during your house hunt were because you couldn’t see your family in that room. You could get passed a smaller footprint, you could accept your children sharing a room, but a kitchen that didn’t speak to your heart? NEXT! And when you found “the one,” you knew immediately. You could picture yourself washing the turkey in the sink the night before, laughing at your daughter as she was grossed out by the guts you pulled out of the turkey. You knew immediately that the countertop on the peninsula offered not just a place to hold all the dishes you and your family members would create for the Thanksgiving meal, but that it was the perfect spot to teach your son the joy of baking as you rolled out your world-famous pie crust together. You saw the double ovens and imagined your husband pulling out that turkey that had been baking all night (the old-fashioned way that you still prefer!) and realized that double ovens could comfortably hold your grandma’s green bean casserole, the sausage and mushroom stuffing dish that was the star of the Italian side of your ancestry, AND all the dishes your cousins, uncles, and friends would add to the mix. And then you realized, as you are realizing now, that the perfect Thanksgiving dinner starts and ends with your perfect kitchen in your new to you Smith Mountain Lake home.

Washing Dishes with a View

As you hand wash your dishes ignoring the state-of-the-art dishwasher, because your forever home has that window over the sink that looks out over Smith Mountain Lake, you remember those early days of the house hunt, traipsing along behind your Smith Mountain Lake Properties agent, and you realize you are home, and the memories being made here are just beginning with the Thanksgiving meal. If you haven’t reached this stage yet and are just now beginning the hunt for your forever home, give us a call today, and let’s work together to get you your own window over the sink that peeks out onto the lake!

Sometimes we seem to forget that Memorial Day isn’t just a holiday that kicks off the summer fun, but is a day meant for remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This year, however, as you have begun the hunt for a new home, you have contemplated all you have in your life, all that has been granted to you, and you think it’s time to put the memories back in Memorial Day! Making it easier to acknowledge and celebrate, choosing a home near the monuments listed in this guide will ensure that you never forget again!

Longwood Cemetery, 1131 Park Street in Bedford

What better way to acknowledge the brave people who gave their all for our nation than with a visit to a military cemetery, especially one that has such a long and rich history? Longwood Cemetery was the first cemetery in Bedford (then known as Liberty), serving as the final resting place for Revolutionary War soldiers. Although you may not want your new home located right next door, it can be comforting to know that the original heroes lie not far from where your head hits the pillow. Other cemeteries in town include Oakwood and Elks National Cemetery, offering a final resting place for soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War and every battle in between.

The National D-Day Memorial, 3 Overlord Circle in Bedford

 True patriots will thrill to find a home in Bedford, perhaps our most patriotic of all towns, as this all-American city is also home to the National D-Day Memorial. Paying homage to all D-Day veterans, it also tells the story of the Bedford Boys. Over 30 young men from our small Virginia town were a part of the initial battle with 21 of them losing their lives which was a huge loss to our small community and eventually led to the idea of creating a monument. During your visit you can read the stories told by veterans, stand in awe of the concrete structure, and even listen to original D-Day news broadcast that covers the invasion as it happened. We like to stop by this important monument on a regular basis and pay our respects; no matter how often we listen to the broadcast, we still get goosebumps that increase with every word spoken.

Your All-American Home in the Smith Mountain Lake Area

 Give Smith Mountain Lake Properties a call today and let us help you find the All-American home that fits your patriotic requirements!


There’s a lot to consider when you decide to pull up stakes and move to an area you’ve never lived in before. Does the neighborhood you’re moving to have children similar in age to your own? Will it be within short driving distance of where you are about to work? And most importantly, what Smith Mountain Lake restaurants will be open on the last day of the year? You’re certainly not going to want to cook on New Year’s Eve, especially after spending the day exploring and enjoying adventures in your new hometown, and when you choose Smith Mountain Lake for this next stage of life, we can promise your life will be filled with adventures both large and small!

Skiing, snowtubing, or snowboarding at the Snowflex Center in Lynchburg, paying your respects to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, or seeking treasures from Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke; however you spend this last day of the decade, knowing you can head to dinner at most of the places listed below when hunger pangs strikes give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of belonging to your new community. And because we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties want our clients to end the new year with a smile, we’ve created this list of the holiday hours for our favorite and most popular local restaurants. Some need reservations to be made in advance, but most all you will need to do is walk in the door hungry and ready to eat!

Holiday Hours for Smith Mountain Lake Restaurants

The Landing


Closed Monday 12/30

Open Tuesday 12/31

Special menu/info on their website


The Blackwater Cafe


Closed Monday 12/30

Open 5:00 pm 12/31

Special menu will be on their website

Place reservations before Christmas


Casa D’Amici


Open for brunch on Sunday 12/29

Closed Monday 12/30

Open Tuesday 12/31 with reservations


Edo Grill & Sushi


Open Tuesday 12/31


Tuscan Tavern


Closed Tuesday 12/31


Kings Point Pub


Closed for the season




Closed for season 12/21/19–03/01/20


Virginia Dare Cruise


Closed for season




Open New Year’s Eve until 4 or 5:00 pm

Open New Year’s Day @ 11:00 am



Closed for the season

Choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Of course, this list won’t do you much good if you haven’t already made the big move! Give us a call today and let our experienced and knowledgeable agents find you the home of your dreams in the Smith Mountain Lake area so you can enjoy these Smith Mountain Lake restaurants!

When making the life-changing decision to move to a new home, new town, or even new state, it’s important that you explore all aspects of the area you are considering. Are the mosquitoes bad in the summer? Do the fall leaves turn vivid enough colors? Does the neighborhood you are looking at have enough children your kid’s age? And the most important consideration of all: Does the area celebrate Christmas with enough flair and warmth to make it a viable option? Fortunately, when you consider the Smith Mountain Lake area for your next hometown, the answer to all the above questions, including that last, most important one, is a resounding yes, and this guide to Smith Mountain Lake Christmas festivities is all the proof you will need!

Annual Westlake Christmas Celebration & Tree Lighting, December 5th 

The Christmas season is starting earlier every year, according to the stores, but this celebration in Hardy at the Westlake Towne Centre takes place at a respectable time! Offering games, live entertainment, and a showing of a yet-to-be-named Christmas movie, the highlight of this event is, as always, the arrival of Santa Claus in his shiny red firetruck! Bring a new and unwrapped toy to get into the movie for free and spend a few hours in your new hometown enjoying the Christmas spirit with your entire family!

Roanoke Times Dickens of a Christmas, December 6th, 13th, and 20th

Giving you three chances to enjoy this nostalgic visit into the past, the Dickens of a Christmas is one of the most popular events of the season. Offering carriage rides and roasted chestnuts, a Kid Zone and carolers singing for their supper for the past 36 years, it also features specific events that only occur on certain days! On December 6 at 6:15 PM is the City of Roanoke Christmas Tree Lighting which just happens to be a personal favorite of ours! On the 13th, you can catch the City of Roanoke Christmas Parade at 6:30. And on the 20th, it’s the RVSPCA Pet Costume Contest, with registration starting at 5:30 PM (should you want to enter your own sweet fur baby!) and the actual contest beginning at 6:30 PM.

Lynchburg Tacky Lights Tour, December 18th at 5:30 PM

Because everyone needs a laugh, even at the most festive time of the year, the Lynchburg Tacky Lights Tour offers a tour of the most decorated homes in town; many of which aren’t tacky at all! Ooh and ahh along the way on the Parks and Recreation Tacky Lights Tour Bus and when the 45-minute ride has finished, head back to the Miller Center Community Room for cookies and hot cocoa; it just doesn’t get more festive than this! 

A Lot of Smith Mountain Lake Christmas Choices, Not a Lot of Time

This is just a small sampling of what is available around Smith Mountain Lake Christmas. You might also want to check out Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, where they host ever-popular Holiday Candlelight Tours throughout the month! Christmas is not that far away, and if you want to get your decorations out of storage and onto the tree, give us a call today! Our agents at Smith Mountain Lake Properties are ready, willing, and eager to help you find the Christmas cottage of your dreams!