Congratulations, homeowner! After months of searching for that perfect property in the Smith Mountain Lake area, the loan has been approved, the home has closed, and the shiny silver keys are now tightly clenched in your happy hands! The property is 100% yours, so now what do you do next? If your new purchase is your forever home, it may not feel like yours yet, but then again, how could it? The decorations, the fixtures, even the paint colors were chosen by someone else! If you’re planning on using it as a rental property, now is the time to start preparing it for potential tenants. These five tips are designed to help you make the most of being a new homeowner!

Paint is the Cheapest Makeover

Whether you are planning on living out your golden years enjoying the sunsets from the back porch or you need this home to pay for itself, the easiest way to make the biggest impact is with a new coat of paint! Even if you only choose to paint a room or that stunning back porch, the pride of ownership will be strong when you walk in to see the colors you chose gracing the walls and trim!

Determine How It’s Going to Work for You

We don’t all need a formal dining room AND an eat-in kitchen, and quite often that formal living room just sits empty growing dust and cobwebs. If you’re planning on renting, that living room could be transformed into a game room with futon sofas for extra guests, or if it’s your own place, why not turn the dining room into a study? There’s no law that states you have to use each room for its normally intended use—be creative!

Make It Your Own with Art

Personal pictures may not be the best choice for rental properties, but those sunset photos you took over Smith Mountain Lake last summer are practically begging to be hung on those blank walls!

Plant Flowers

Coming home each night to cheerfully swaying sunflowers in the fall or smelling the scent of aromatic roses in bloom on a summer’s night is a low-cost way to add a luxurious touch! Spoil yourself or pamper your guests with the beauty of a well-planned garden of colorful plants and flowers.

Create an Oasis

Your Smith Mountain Lake property is best experienced from the outside on warm summer nights; creating a backyard oasis is the easiest way to do so! Add an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and comfortable patio furniture and you, or the guest who rent your home, will never want to leave!

Let Us Help

Whether you’re looking to become a new homeowner or hoping to find the perfect rental home to add to your portfolio, our experienced and helpful realtors at Smith Mountain Lake Properties would love to help you make all the right decisions. Give us a call today!