For almost 43 years, the Ironman triathlon has been the ultimate proof of the strength and determination of the human spirit. We look on in awe and disbelief as men and women from all over the world compete against themselves for 70.3, or 140.6 in the case of a full Ironman event. And in 2020—June 7th to be exact—we in the Smith Mountain Lake area won’t have to look on from afar, as the Roanoke Ironman 70.3 event formerly held in Williamsburg will make its new home in nearby Roanoke, drawing 2500 athletes plus friends, family, and interested bystanders to the area. What does this mean for you, someone who is potentially planning on purchasing a home in the region? The business and interest an event of this caliber brings to our Virginia hometown brings an upswing in income and gives local businesses a greater chance to succeed. Roanoke and the Smith Mountain Lake area has made it on the map!

Roanoke Ironman Humble Beginnings

We have to wonder if the creators of the first Ironman, held in 1978 in Hawaii, ever dreamed their sporting event would become as epic as it is known to be today! Back then, only 15 competitors competed in the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile marathon run, surviving to compete another year, but as the years passed, this humble event became world famous. The 70.3 event which Roanoke and the Carilion clinic will sponsor includes a truncated version of the full event with athletes “only” having to complete a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run. Still an impressive feat of strength and endurance, we’re hoping that the beautiful scenery fund along the way will take away some of the pain that has to accompany an event of this caliber!

The planned course, which must be completed in one day, begins with a swim in Carvins Cove, continues with the ride in the hills of Botetourt County, and ends with a run along the Roanoke River Greenway with our friendly and supportive local residents supporting them all the way. After all, it was our hospitality as well as the stunning landscape that convinced the Ironman officials to choose Roanoke; it took a year of persuasion and a lot of work for Virginia’s Blue Ridge President, Landon Howard, to seal the deal, signing a multi-year contract that promises to bring international recognition to the region.

Homeowners Have the Easy Part

Just continue to be the same friendly and welcoming people you’ve been all along, and if this exciting event has convinced you that the Smith Mountain Lake region is where you want to make your forever home, give us a call today! Our Smith Mountain Lake Properties experienced and knowledgeable agents are sure to find the home of your dreams!