When you step out the door of your current home, what do you see? A field of green, surrounded by trees and perhaps just the tip of a water source off in the distance? Do deer wander into your yard on occasion, nipping at the grasses you’ve allowed to grow a little long? And are the sounds of nature the only lullaby you hear or need when you fall asleep by open windows each night? If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, we have to wonder, what are you waiting for? These beautiful and secluded homes located off Smith Mountain Lake offer the opportunity to lead a life of peace, serenity, and for those who need it, seclusion!

In a World of Turmoil

Your home can be the sanctuary that shuts out all the negative, and these homes found throughout the region do just that. Each space is different, but the common trait found in each is one of peace and solitude. Perhaps your home of choice is a wood frame farmhouse style abode, offering a large front porch set back away from the main road and featuring views of the valley far below. A country kitchen, open floor plan, and enough bedrooms for your family to each have their own, plus one that can be used as an office/guest room may be some of the other items on your dream list, and while we can’t say the exact home is available, we CAN tell you that one very similar may be! You can find a large estate with lake views, a small cottage with just enough room for breathing without overwhelming you with too many spaces, and everything in between. Your dreams have no limit, so why should the house you want to buy? Access to the lake while being away from the crowds in the summer makes these homes located just off the lake a tranquil and quiet choice you will always be grateful to own. The sounds of a fountain in a small pond, the sight of the giant oak tree providing cool shade in the summer and fiery beauty in the fall, and the feeling that only those closest to exist in the world: these are just some of the “extras” that are included in many of the homes we sell.

Secluded Doesn’t Mean Lonely

When you have your friends and family near you, what else do you need? Just the keys to your dream house, of course! Give us a call today and let our agents find the quiet spot that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle needs!