When you buy a home on or near the lake, the one thing you can definitely count on is wanting to spend a LOT of time outside enjoying the natural beauty of the Smith Mountain Lake landscape. Our homes are an oasis, and the yard is a key part to creating the lifestyle you have always imagined. Although not all the homes you will be looking at will have the backyard of your dreams, there are simple ways to convert the less than impressive into the simply wonderful! It’s just a matter of adding some fantastic backyard features to your home. We at Smith Mountain Lake Properties have come up with a few suggestions that will show you the possibilities!

Lakeside Contemplations

Our favorite thing to do at the lake is absolutely nothing. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as relaxing outdoors, staring at the sky while feeling summer breezes wash over you as you contemplate life’s mysteries. Purchasing a hammock is the first thing you can do to achieve the state of nothingness. Tie it between two trees, both providing an extra level of cool as you relax under their canopy, or if your new property does not have two trees, purchasing a hammock on a stand is a perfectly appropriate substitution! Either way, this simple purchase can go a long way in making your backyard oasis complete.

Cozy and Warm

Another simple addition to a lakeside backyard is a fire pit. Coming in a range of shapes, styles, and sizes that make them a perfect fit to any yard, the hours of entertainment they provide is not something most people think about. Surround the pit with colorfully painted Adirondack chairs (the wide flat arms allow a place to rest your drinks or snacks) and spend the cooler lake nights gathered around, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories with your kids, or simply enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire contrasting with the coolness of the night air as you listen to the peaceful night sounds of the lake.

Ahoy There!

Lake days are made so much better when spent ON the lake, either zipping about in a racy speedboat or paddling your way to peace from the seat of a canoe or kayak, and most lakeside homes will already have a private dock, but if your potential dreamhouse does not, adding one is relatively easy; you just have to follow the Smith Mountain Lake regulations on building one. Once completed, you can leave your boat tied to the dock, always available for an impromptu journey around the lake, and because docks make handy jumping off spots, your children or spouse can work on improving their cannonballs!

Just a Sample

From hot tubs to outdoor kitchens, there are a variety of ways to make the backyard of your potential home your own. Give us a call today and let’s get the search started!

When you start a home hunt in an area that you don’t really know very well, you can expect some fears to accompany the search. In addition to wondering whether the roof will withstand the next storm and trying to decide how old is too old for the appliances that come with the house, you also need to consider if the area in which you are searching is a “good” or safe area! Choosing Smith Mountain Lake Properties for your housing search, however, is the best way to ensure that moving day is one of the happiest days of your life; this guide to the more popular property locations in the Smith Mountain Lake area is just one way we offer the best services in town!

Lakefront Views

The easiest way to ensure you have the home of your dreams is to start with a lakeside location! Offering comfort and warmth, the advantage of being located by the lake allows occupants to make the lake lifestyle their own! Choose a charming abode in Bedford County that seems simple and small from the front but offers a two-story expanse of windows from the back, ensuring that no breathtaking view is left unseen. Pick a spacious end unit townhome in Moneta that features a cheerful farm kitchen and a private boat slip that allows for long days spent on the lake without the hassle of having to drive to a marina to pick up your boat! Or find a new construction villa in Penhook that is modern and bright and just waiting for your mid century modern furniture to be loaded into the living area; fishing hut chic is so not your style, but this place is exactly what you dreamed about when you first began your search!

Farm Living is the Life

Not every property has to be right on the lake; some of us dream of homes with lots of land and a barn for the horses your inner 12-year-old has been planning on owning for more years than you can count. Everyone knows that Virginia farm country offers a serene ambience that is good for the soul, and a 1922 Farmhouse in Franklin County is where to start! Featuring mountain views and 59 acres of pasture, your American dream is about to come true.

No Bad Areas

Of course, if you’ve done your research, you already know there aren’t any bad areas in the Smith Mountain Lake region, only spots you will love more than others! Give us a call today and let’s find the home in the perfect location that makes your heart beat faster.

There is a lot riding on purchasing your dream house, so it is important to make sure you have all your questions answered. The time and money you invest into purchasing a dream house will be worth it in the end when you have a beautiful home to yourself. Here are the important questions to ask before purchasing your next dream Smith mountain Lake home:

What Area Should I Buy My Dream House Around?

The location can be incredibly important for your next dream house. You do not want to invest funds into a home that is located in an area you do not like or wish to spend time in. Instead, find an area that calls to you and makes you feel welcome. If this dream house will be your vacation property, you will want to consider how you get to the home for every trip. Having a local airport will make these trips so much easier to plan out.

Do I Have the Funds to Cover a Dream House?

Purchasing a dream home can be expensive with the initial cost and upkeep. Make sure to consider ways to have a return on your investment. Allowing your home to be used as a luxury vacation rental for others can help you earn money during the time you are away from the home. Property management services also ensures your home is properly looked after while you are away so you have nothing to worry. Earn money and have your home looked after? Now that is a great way to maintain your home!

Will the Dream Smith Mountain Lake Home Be a Smart Investment?

Making sure you have the means to acquire a dream house will allow you to fully enjoy your home. As mentioned above, you can have a return on investment by purchasing your dream home in an area that creates value as a rental property. Smith Mountain Lake is one such location with incredible homes for sale and that will help you earn funds to maintain it. Many homeowners in the area offer their houses as rental options throughout the year.

Investing with Smith Mountain Lake Properties

If you are purchasing your next dream home in the Smith Mountain Lake area, let us help you find the perfect home. Smith Mountain Lake Properties has been helping residents of the area with all their real estate needs for years. Call us today and see how our services can help give you peace of mind when purchasing your Smith Mountain Lake home!