Buying a house is always a big deal, whether you are buying your forever home or one that you only intend on using for vacations; the costs are the same and involve a large investment of your personal funds! The differences, however, are plentiful, and if you are thinking of purchasing a Smith Mountain Lake summer home, our home buying guide will ensure that the process will be far easier than you imagined it could be. Our helpful agents at Smith Mountain Lake Properties enjoy making our customers happy, no mater what type of property they are seeking!

Location DOES Matter

Granted, summer days are a little more laid back than the rest of the year, but if you have your heart set on watching the sun rise over the lake from the back deck, your summer home will never feel like home if you don’t find a lakefront abode! And while costs may be higher on the lake, there’s usually a bargain available that may just need a little TLC to turn it into your dream escape.

Essential Tip of our Summer Home Buying Guide

If your summer home is only going to be for your purpose, choosing a smaller property with a lower number of bedrooms may be all you need. Lake life means having guests drop in at all times, but you can save space by doubling up in the bedrooms or sleeping on the couch; family is always happy with nothing fancy! If you want to rent the property out during the times you aren’t using it, however, investing in a larger property means you can rent to a wider variety of guests. Even if you just choose a home with larger rooms, you can fit more beds and host larger groups. You’ll want to consider the views available from your home as well, as a great view helps garner higher rental rates!

Your Idea of Perfect May Take a Little Time to Achieve

We all dream of that summer home decorated with canoes repurposed into bookshelves, real wood Adirondack chairs on the back porch, and a fireplace for rainy and romantic nights. But if the home you can afford doesn’t have everything you want it to have, will you be able to add it later? Initially a good working kitchen and bathroom is vital, but maybe you can add in a wood fire stove, make do with the plastic versions of your dream chairs (available in your home supply store), and maybe create that bookshelf from scratch as you work with your teens! Summer days stretch out before you long and easy, and the memories you create working together as a family to create your idea of perfection will last a lifetime.

A Little Patience, Imagination, and the Right Agent

The look on our clients’ faces when they find the summer home they’ve been dreaming about is what we live for. Give us a call today and let us help you discover the look we’ve been talking about!