The American dream often consists of many parts but at its center is always the plan to own a home and with the all-American holiday of Memorial Day rolling around soon, now is the time to make your own American dream come true in the Smith Mountain Lake region. Spend your long weekend relaxing on a hammock tied between two trees overlooking the lake, grilling your favorite meats on the deck of your home, also looking over the lake, and paying homage to those who sacrificed everything for the freedoms you will enjoy that much more as you look about the home that we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties helped you find.

The Weekend Begins

Close your eyes and picture it. You awaken at your normal time on the first day of the three day weekend and soon realize that the alarm has not been set and your day does not have to begin yet. Thinking ahead the night before, you closed the curtains to the views outside your new home, and in the quiet hours of the early morning, your sleepy brain congratulates last night’s proactiveness! Later you will awaken for real and prepare to head to your favorite restaurant for a hearty breakfast; your list of wants and needs you gave us at the beginning of your search may have included proximity to the Old Oak Café in Moneta and as always, we delivered!

A Good Time for Gardening

Many of the fun things we love to do get pushed aside on normal weekends as we spend our 2 days off catching up on all the chores we couldn’t do during the week, but a three-day weekend is special and after a big breakfast, it’s off to Walter’s Greenhouse you go to purchase some plants to make your new backyard the oasis you have been dreaming about. Perhaps you are looking to add some cheerful sunflowers to the garden just beyond the hammock we mentioned earlier, or maybe the aromatic fragrance of a beautiful rose is what your new space needs to feel like you’re home, but whatever you need, Walter’s always provides.

What’s Memorial Day Without a Barbecue?

Barbecues and pool parties are integral parts of the holiday experience and they also offer the perfect opportunity to meet your new neighbors! Whether you have added an outdoor kitchen to your oasis or are just grilling up the all-American meal of burgers and hotdogs on the brand new propane grill you purchased at the local Home Improvement store, located just down the road from your Smith Mountain Lake cozy abode!

Every Day will be Your Favorite Day

You may still be able to grill, relax, and party with your neighbors without owning your own home, but what’s the fun in that? Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your American dream come true!