Smith Mountain Lake, Va offers over 22,000 acres and over 500 miles of beautiful waterfront luxury and living. each and every lifestyle can be met at Smith Mountain Lake. Sales over the past year were up, prices down, so any buyer has a great oppurtunity. The state of VA interestingly enough does not have a deficit, and Franklin County – one of the 3 counties the lake accesses was the second largest VA County growth, over 19%.

Our inventory started to go down September 2010 with several larger sales, and obviously alot throughout the year.   We do not have very many lakefront  foreclosures however, so that market is very limited and reflects a more stable enviroment. We have had only 10 lakefront foreclosures overall, this does not count off -water or cities like Roanoke or Lynchburg. Condos are struggling and those have the highest rate of foreclosures. However our lakefront home luxury market has dropped in price and is moving down the road.  Our prices range from $800,000 to over $20,000,000 for lakefront luxury. Naturally we have lower priced homes on our lake,startign at around $350,000, but this is more representative of our luxury market.

Currently several great opputurnities exist with a $1,450,000 lisitng, that has the best views on this lake, on a point lot. This can be found on my web, or this web site as well.   We have several more great opputunities that may not last

If you have a buyer that wants to purchase lakefront within 3 hours of DC and Charlotte, or 1.5 hours from raleigh and only 30 mins from Roanoke, then call me. We have some great investment properties as well as Luxury Lakefront Properties.