Many of our Smith Mountain Lake residents weren’t born and raised on the lake. Many of us vacationed here or lived in one of the nearby towns and simply fell in love with lake life. Offering a laidback vibe and a quality of life you just won’t find in the big cities, our lakeside towns are places most visitors wish they could call home. If you’re thinking you might be a good fit for lake life but haven’t made the total commitment, we’ve created a guide to all the water activities you can enjoy when you buy your forever home, hopefully located on the banks of Smith Mountain Lake!

Just You, a Pole, and a Cold One

Living on the lake has many advantages, and being able to head down to your private dock with a pole and some bait whenever you want is one you’ll never grow tired of! Pushing aside the stresses of real life as you sit with pole in hand, listening to the water slap against the dock is a form of meditation you won’t have to pay to enjoy with these Smith Mountain Lake activities. The healthier diet you will fall in love with is just another bonus; it’s impossible to get tired of fresh grilled fish!

Exploring Via Kayak or Canoe

Exploring Smith Mountain Lake from aboard your very own boat is a treat not everyone can enjoy. Motorized boats can be an expensive proposition, but a more compact vessel, a kayak or canoe, can be an exciting first step. Ranging in cost from $70 to $2000 for a kayak or $300 to $1500 for a canoe, spending a lazy Saturday afternoon paddling the clear waters of the lake may be even better therapy than fishing. And of course, if you purchase a canoe, you can combine fishing and boating for the ultimate in water experiences!

Add a Little Speed to Your Adventures With These Smith Mountain Lake Activities

Another lower cost way to enjoy lake time is with the purchase or rental of a jet skis! Costing anywhere from $5000 to $20,000 new, buying used can save you plenty! Resembling the excitement of riding a motorcycle but with a far softer landing in case of mishap, these vessels are fun for water lovers of all ages. Zipping across the waves, feeling the sun beat down from overhead and with the spray of lake water keeping you cool, your adventures on Smith Mountain Lake will only be enhanced by the knowledge that you can zip home for a break anytime you please!

Convinced, Yet?

Give us a call today and let’s start the journey to lake life together! Our Smith Mountain Lake Properties knowledgeable agents know all the best places.