As the world changes on a minute by minute basis, we are all existing in a permanent form of shock, wondering how things changed so drastically in such a short of amount of time. And even though there was no amount of preparation that could have made us feel marginally ready for these changes, it sure would have been nice to have some kind of heads up, don’t you think? In any case, as we learn new words and phrases, stay home more than go out, and discover that takeout food is kind of nice because we can eat our pajamas, we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties thought we’d take this time to let you in on the changes going around here, and maybe just knowing that we are all in this together can help us feel a tiny bit better as we feel our way through the crisis of a pandemic no one realized could shut down the world in the ways it has. Here are some guidelines and tips for COVID-19.

The Internet Has Changed the Real Estate Market

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new house in the Smith Mountain Lake area, chances are you’ve already experienced the changes going on in the real estate market, long before Corona meant anything more than a beer brand. Virtual tours of homes have become all of the rage, allowing buyers to see a home from out of state or late at night when most of the world is asleep, and during the pandemic when in-person showings are pretty much eliminated, it helps keep the market alive. Mortgage and title companies are still doing their part, only now, they, like the rest of the world, are doing so from home while wearing their jammies and helping with spelling problems as their own children continue their learning online. We, as agents, are taking this time to learn even more about the homes and businesses in the area as we spend more time with our families for a change. We wash our hands frequently, wear masks when we go out in public, and have stopped taking things for granted. Confusion and fear can be our daily companions but we brush those aside and find more reasons to be thankful: the cheerful clerks at the grocery stores, being able to wear comfy pants, and the beautiful sight of our children wearing that satisfied expression when they finally solve their math problem. These moments aren’t earth shattering for the world in general but in our world they are monumental!

After COVID-19 -When the Shelves Are Fully Stocked Once Again

These tough times will pass and one day we will be fighting rush hour traffic, wondering what to do with the abundant supply of toilet paper on our shelves, and realize that we need more storage anyway! When that day comes, we at Smith Mountain Lakes Properties will be waiting for your call, eager to start the search for the house of your dreams!