There are many different reasons our clients may be deciding on making a move, from investment purchases to investments in your new larger family, neighborhood preferences to the sudden realization that your last child has moved on and the old home is filled with empty rooms and too many memories. But there is one major reason for choosing to move to the Smith Mountain area: The chance to enjoy the peaceful nature and beautiful landscape that surrounds your potential new home is just too good to miss out on! When your surroundings are as beautiful as these, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can outside enjoying them! This guide to outdoor Smith Mountain Lake activities you’ll enjoy when you buy a new home in Smith Mountain Lake will help you figure out ways to fill all the minutes of your days in paradise—after you have unpacked, of course!

Watch the Sun Rise or Set Over Smith Mountain Lake

It’s the smallest moments that can pack the largest impact and spending a few minutes of every day sitting out in your yard appreciating Mother Nature’s finest show is a luxury not everyone can enjoy! Sip coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening and feel your heart rate lower and a sense of peace fall over your shoulders like a warm blanket on a cold night!

Don’t Just Sit on the Sidelines

Of course, watching sunsets and sunrises only takes a few minutes of your day, and you are obviously the type of person who wants to get out there and DO something, not just sit on the sidelines and watch! Fishing in the mornings can serve dual purposes as it relaxes you and provides dinner for later that evening. Rent a boat from Bridgewater Marina & Boat Rentals at 16410 Booker T Washington Highway #5865 in Moneta or simply toss a line in from the dock of your lakeside home!

Aim for That Sweet Spot at Mariner’s Landing Golf & Country Club

There’s no better way to spend a sunny day at Smith Mountain Lake than by chasing that dimpled white ball all over the verdant landscape of Mariner’s Landing Golf & Country Club. Located at 2052 Lake Retreat Road in Huddleston, the 10th hole was voted for the Dream 18 by the Roanoke Times, but we’re thinking you’ll love every hole you play!

Just a Small Sample of Smith Mountain Lake Activities

These are just a few of the Smith Mountain Lake activities that will bring you joy when you choose to move to the Smith Mountain Lake area. Give us a call today and let our Smith Mountain Lake Properties agents find the home of your dreams!