As you begin your search for your forever home near or on Smith Mountain Lake, we’re sure you have already started a bucket list of things you want from your property. Things like granite countertops in the kitchen, a large backyard, and a master retreat that includes an ensuite bathroom and a deep slipper tub to soak in during cold Virginia nights are some of the top “necessities” for most people. But what about location? Obviously, if you have children, you want a child friendly neighborhood with good schools. If you seek privacy, you want a secluded home. And if you’re looking around Smith Mountain Lake, it’s a given that you prefer a lake view. Sometimes, however, it’s how close you are to areas of note that will make your dream house finally feel like home, and these natural Smith Mountain Lake attractions that can be found nearby your potential new home are all within driving distance!

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

There’s nothing we love more than spending the day at a park, and when you realize that Smith Mountain Lake State Park is only a few short miles from the home you are considering, we have a feeling it won’t take much more to convince you that you have found the new family home! The star of the park is quite obviously the lake itself; Smith Mountain Lake is the second largest lake in the state (but it ranks first in our hearts, of course!) and was created in 1963 with the formation of the Smith Mountain Dam. Located at 1235 State Park Road in Huddleston, this sweet park is the center of anything water related, and the abundant selection of fish in the lake make it a popular fishing location. Offering striped, largemouth, and smallmouth bass, as well as catfish and a few other species, Smith Mountain Lake is famous throughout the state for being the spot where the fish are always biting!

Smith Mountain Lake Attractions in George Washington and Jefferson National Forests

These two forest ranges, named after our first and third presidents, stretch out into three states along the Appalachian Mountains, but it’s the sections in nearby Bedford that will knock your socks off. Home to trees of all varieties, including eastern hemlock, eastern white pine, and black birch, during the summer the lush verdancy of the region will convince you that you’ve never really known what the color green looks like. In the fall, words will fail you as you take in the fiery beauty of the trees dressed in their autumn finest!

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