As you begin the search for your new home, seeing some of the “issues” in the properties you are looking at may be the instigation of promises that you will never let your place look that bad, and when you first move in, chances are likely you will hold to that promise! As life moves by at a rapid pace, however, some tasks will be overlooked. Out of sight is out of mind, and many common maintenance activities are easily forgotten. Our guide to the

HVAC Filters

that are most overlooked will help keep homeowners on task; print it out and hang it somewhere you will see it most often for best results!

Change the HVAC Filters

Changing your HVAC filters is the easiest but most overlooked of all maintenance tasks, and to be honest, it’s the most understandable! Most of our filters are located in closets that are dark or on ceilings that we rarely look up at, and as we said earlier, out of sight is out of mind! But changing the filter is important to both your health and finances, as it helps clear the air of allergens and keeps your utility bills lowered when kept clean. Changing your air filter every 3 months (at the start of each new season) is recommended.

Water Heater Maintenance

This task is not one that is well known to homeowners. We tend to install the water heater and forget about it until we find ourselves wading in ankle deep waters and realizing its time to buy another one! Extending the lifespan of the water heater is easy, however, if you follow a few simple tips: Drain and refill the tank once a year; replace the anode rod every few years; and open and close the pressure relief valve every few months.

Clean Dryer Vents

Have you noticed that it’s taking longer to dry each load of clothes? You might think it’s the warmer weather causing this issue, but more likely it is the vent that leads to the outside that is the culprit! We’ve all been trained to clean the lint trap after every load, but how many of us think to check the main vent? Not many, we’re sure, and the overlooking of this seemingly minor task can lead to dire consequences—the chance of fire! Remove the vent cover from the wall and use your vacuum to suck out the contents or buy a tool specifically designed for the task at your local homeowners’ store and save money as you invest in the safety of your family and house!

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