One of our favorite parts of buying a new home is imagining all the possibilities, from the first peeks inside as you picture your teenage daughter lounging on the dock, soaking up the sun’s rays, to your son climbing high into that tree that provides the perfect amount of shade on a lazy summer’s day, to the thoughts of tossing out the tired décor of your current living room and starting from scratch. Everything about your new Smith Mountain Lake home is filled with possibilities, and to help with the portrait you have painted in your mind, this guide to living room décor trends will give you an idea as to what direction you want to take once you have signed on the dotted line.

Picking Colors

There are lots of ways to make a room your own, but sometimes the best thing you can do is pick up a paintbrush and give the space your personal touch! Paint is the cheapest mistake you can make, so if you don’t like your first choice, try, try, again. We promise that layers of paint won’t decrease the size of your living space! Today’s most popular color scheme is a gray and white combination, while other colors that are much loved, especially around lakes, are shades of blue or even pure white. White walls work much as they do in galleries, making your décor choices stand out. Remember, this is your room, and if you think a crimson red accent wall is what you want, a crimson red accent wall is what you should get!

Choosing Furnishings

We were so excited to read that current home decorating trends are leading towards cozy and comfortable, because when you think about it, the living room is where you will spend a good portion of your days, and you want to be comfortable. A sectional sofa covered in a soft chenille is always a good choice, offering the perfect place to nap, watch television, or offer guests a place to sleep. If you are worried about stains—lake living can be hard on the material—microfiber materials hold up to dirt well; you can always buy a machine-washable slipcover as well! Be sure to offer places to set cups, plates, and your feet because we all know kids and husbands can’t NOT rest their feet on coffee tables! Finally, when it comes to flooring, wood is a classic choice that will never let you down, but the new engineered hardwoods and vinyl plank options are hardy, less expensive, and stand up to lake life.

Before You Start Decorating

Now that you have a few ideas, the important first step must be taken: Give us a call today and let Smith Mountain Lake Properties find the home of your dreams!