The magic of the Smith Mountain Lake area is hinted at in its name, offering a variety of landscapes that include a beautiful and serene lake, as well as the rugged beauty of the mountains beyond. The best of both worlds can be yours when you choose to live in this part of Virginia because you know the secret: seasons that are serenely beautiful and adventures that can take place any month of the year when you explore the fun that can be had at nearby Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre! This guide to the center, brought to you by our hard-working Smith Mountain Lake Properties staff, shows off the versatility of your brand-new Smith Mountain Lake happy home.


A Different Type of Adventure


Located in nearby Lynchburg, Virginia, snowing, skiing, and tubing can take place during all the seasons, as they have developed a material that resembles snow, softening the paths that lead down the mountain. Take snowboarding lessons in the summer and know that you are doing something special as you shred the terrain wearing shorts, tees, and a giant smile on your face! Take your littles on a tubing adventure in the spring, being sure to stop for snacks in the concession center, where the décor will transport you instantly to a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps. Christmas card pictures taken in front of a roaring fire will be the envy of your friends and family, as the stone fireplace, tongue and groove planked walls and ceiling, and comfy sofas in the center create a backdrop that makes any picture look all that more special! Offering a rock wall for climbing, trail rides through the beautiful natural landscape of Lynchburg, and outdoor adventures every day of the year destined to make you glad you chose to purchase a home that is close to Liberty Mountain! Special events spread out over the 12 months of the year give you something to look for during the slower moments in your life and the fun you can have with your family at any time ensures that your bonds will never loosen!


Choosing Smith Mountain Lake Properties


Would you have discovered Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre without our help? Eventually you would have, we are sure, but the real question is whether you would have found the home of your dreams without us? We like to think it’s a special gift we have, matching homes with their dream families and vice versa, so give us a call today and let’s get the process of moving you started!