Jersey Girls Flock to the Lake; Do Good Things

Realizing that they were only a few of the apparent many Garden State Ladies who have flocked to Smith Mountain Lake for a little sun, sand, and tranquility in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains; sister-in-laws Kathy A. and Kathy P. Saleeba along with their cousin Lesley Kocsis decided to recruit their Jersey sisters and form social club.

According to a recent article on , the, “story starts with a bottle of wine.” The Kathy’s got together one night to discuss their Jersey roots, and the rest is history. From there, the club grew organically, mostly through word of mouth. And now, with membership totaling 50, Kathy A. made the decision to receive those interested in joining on a waiting list, so the club avoids becoming too large for its members to socialize.

Socializing isn’t the only thing on the club’s agenda, though. Members meet for dinner, generally at Poppy’s, to discuss potential service projects, like their fund and supply drive benefitting Bedford and Franklin County humane societies. This year, a cookbook is in the works, with proceeds also benefitting the humane societies.

Members are also encouraged to form smaller groups within the club, to focus on common interests, which will encourage the women to build stronger friendships.

For more information, email [email protected]