One of our favorite parts of house hunting is getting the opportunity to check out the design schemes of the homes we visit on a daily basis. While it could be considered research, we love to help out our Smith Mountain Lake Properties clients even after they buy their favorite home; there is just something fun and fulfilling about seeing how families make their homes feel cozy and welcoming. This guide to interior design themes that will make your new Smith Mountain Lake home shine will help eliminate that new house panic buyers often feel when surrounded by boxes and blank walls!

Lake Themes

Yeah, we are starting with the most obvious, the lake house retreat look, and although it may seem a little cliché, it is popular for a reason and so easy to accomplish! Water-themed art prints, row boat book shelves, and boat cleats attached to wood planks are an easy way to begin the process. Blues and whites are the most common lake themed colors, but feel free to dress up your house in your own favorite colors; it is the accessories that will make the look pop!

Cabin Design

The log cabin is the most loved of American décor and it won’t take much to make your home a updated version that would make Abraham Lincoln feel right at home. Tongue and groove planks lining the arched ceilings, wainscotting on the walls, and stone countertops are warm, comfortable, and so inviting, you (or your guests) will never want to leave. Lodge pole furnishings are popular, especially when topped with colorful quilts, perhaps made by your own grandmother! If there are no seamstresses in your lineage, however, many home stores provide imitations that will look just as beautiful!

Living the Upscale Life

Kitschy is familiar in lake homes, but if you march to the beat of a more sophisticated drummer, there is no reason you can’t design your home to match your own inimitable style. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and sleek leather sofas make your heart beat faster and provide a charm that appeals to many! Hard lines can be softened with a throw tossed across the back, tile floors are easily maintained, and lighting selections, always an essential part of any décor, are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Of course, if you are just in the beginning stages of the house hunt, you will have to wait a bit to find the style that makes your soon-to-be new house feel like home. Give us a call today and let our helpful and knowledgeable agents find you the house of your dreams!