To get buyers, you need to get people in to see the house. That all starts with their first impression—the view of the house. Whether people are driving by to investigate the neighborhood or seeing the picture on a property website, if you’re trying to attract a buyer, there are a few points you want to keep in mind to draw in the biggest crowd possible. From changing your perspective to internal and external adjustments, these are some simple tips to make your Smith Mountain Lake homes stand out.

Show Off In As Many Places As Possible

You see your home every day, but what’s the likelihood that your ideal buyer is going to drive down your street? You should be showing your place off online on different websites with plenty of beautiful pictures. You can control what people see this way, too. If your front yard is fabulous straight-on, then show that. But if you can also show off a gorgeous sideview, make sure to include that too!

Take a Critical Eye

You’re trying to sell your house, so imagine the buyer’s perspective. Come up with a check list that you would fill out if you were buying a house. Then, take that check list and look at your home’s exterior with it. Keep in mind questions like: what things have you stopped noticing that a buyer would see right away? Are the things that you’re worried about the same as what a buyer would worry about?

Quick, Effective Sprucing-Up

Finally, add some nice touches to your exterior. These include:
Easily Readable House Numbers – Maybe even order another set! These make your house’s personality stick out, and help people remember to look you up later.
Light Fixtures – These make your home seem welcoming, and you want the buyers lining up! Try a decorative bulb glass finish on your porch light or add a second porch light for symmetry.
Potted Gardens – You may not have a thriving garden right now, but that isn’t hard to change. Buy some potted plants that are pretty yet resilient, and suddenly your property looks twice as lovable. A little extra work makes your house look worth caring for. Remember: for someone to love your property, the property needs to look loved!
Window Décor – If your windows are visible from the street, add some accents on the outside or the inside to make them pop to outside viewers. Drawn curtains, for example, lend an excellent touch to an exterior view.

Call an Expert on Smith Mountain Lake Homes

There’s no shame in asking for some help! For an undertaking as important and life-changing as selling a house, it’s worthwhile to get help from someone in the know. If you’re in the Smith Mountain Lake area, reach out to us at 540-797-0477. We’ll find you a buyer in no time and make the transition easy for you. Smith Mountain Lake Properties can make your Smith Mountain Lake homes shine and sell!