Inevitably, the moment arrives when you realize the home that has sheltered you from the elements, offered peace and comfort in bad times, and celebratory feelings in the good times, no longer fits you or your family’s needs. Maybe you are entering the empty nest stage and it’s too small or quite possibly your family is expanding and your home is bursting at the seams. Whatever your stage in life, it may be time to sell, and when you do, you want to earn the most from your abode as possible; these home features that inflate your home’s value will help you do just that!

Double Paned Windows

Colder winters and muggy summers in the Smith Mountain Lake region of Virginia often lead to high utility bills, so today’s buyers are looking for ways to decrease that added expense; double paned windows are one such way to do so. Keeping out the heat and cold, buyers are willing to pay more initially to save more monthly. It’s just common sense, and if you aren’t planning on moving immediately, it can help you out as well.

Move-In Ready

Many buyers in this area are looking for vacation rental properties, and if you’re willing to sell your home in turn-key condition, including furnishings, linens, décor, etc., chances are the value of your home will increase exponentially. Obviously, you’ve taken great care of the home, and it will show in the sale price. Adding the little extras can only help more!

Focus Your Improvement Dollars on the Kitchen and Bathroom

Garnering between 50 to 81 percent return on your investment dollars, making these rooms shine will not just raise the value, it will practically sell the house! Updated appliances in the kitchen, shiny new fixtures in the bathrooms, and a new coat of paint are easy ways to inflate the value of your home.

Increase the Size

It’s surprising how much you can add to the value of your home with the addition of an extra room, and the number increases even more when the room you add is a bathroom! For comfort of the occupants, at least two bathrooms are needed, and if your home is one of the older ones that was constructed with just one, if you have the time and money, adding on another will increase the value tenfold! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does help if it’s light, bright, and efficient!

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Obviously, these are just a few of the tips we have for inflating your home’s value; give us a call today and let one of our helpful Smith Mountain Lake Properties agents share our wealth of knowledge with you as we prepare, together, to sell your home!