Virginia is home to one of the original 13 colonies, and as most know, is actually one of the first colonies with the settling of Jamestown, which occurred 13 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. As such, you might expect the entire state to be filled with historical spots that offer peeks into the past—and you would be right! While the new home you are considering making your own may be modern, bright, and new, you won’t have far to go to follow in the footsteps of those who went before us. This guide to historical spots located near your Smith Mountain Lake forever home will help you enjoy all the wonderful aspects of Virginia.

Avenal House (William M. Burwell House), 413 Avenel Avenue in Bedford

Social standing was very important to people in the early days of our country, and Avenal House is where reputations were made—and possibly ruined! Built in 1836, today this historic home offers peeks into its past by appointment only, and for those who are considering the Smith Mountain Lake as a possible wedding venue, the porch of this historical property is a popular spot in which to say, “I do.” How exciting it would be to tell people you were married on the very spot Robert E Lee once smoked his pipe as he possibly chatted with Edgar Allan Poe, another frequent visitor to Avenal House.

Poplar Forest, 1542 Bateman Bridge Road in Forest

We’ve talked about it before, and odds are we will bring it up again, but Poplar Forest was once the residence of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, and we are proud and excited about that fact! Inheriting the land before he wrote the Declaration of Independence and building the property a few years before he became President, this gentile plantation offers a beautiful look into the history of our nation and is located not far from the spot you are considering adding to your own history.

Centertown Historic District in Bedford

Offering more than just one historic spot, the Centertown Historic District is home to a meeting house, courthouse, and museum. A visit here offers a more complete look into the complexities of early colonial life and beyond. Take a day off from unpacking and decorating and enjoy the beauty of one of our favorite towns!

The Beauty of the Past

Not every home near Smith Mountain Lake is a historical monument to the past—although you can find a few older homes—but knowing that the beauty of history can be found nearly everywhere you turn may help make the decision on which home to buy even easier. Give us a call today and let’s start the search for a spot in which to make your own family history!