One of the more exciting parts of owning your home in the heart of Smith Mountain Lake country is being able to decorate for the holidays. Hanging valentines and Cupid’s angels in February, honoring your country with red, white, and blue décor in the summer months, and when the calendar turns to fall? Your decorating skills will get a work out as you switch from haunted Halloween, to blessed Thanksgiving, and, of course, cheerful Christmas, all within just a few weeks of each other! This guide to Halloween decoration ideas will help you create a space that is spine-tingling spooktacular and easy to put up and take down quickly.

Halloween Decorating Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Families with young children appreciate the need to keep the décor low-key and non-threatening as overactive imaginations can lead to nightmares and lack of sleep, so for you not scary will be the theme. Accomplished with the use of pumpkins, real or fake, you don’t even need good carving skills to make your home a Halloween do! Paint black cats or scarecrow faces on a giant gourd to place on your front porch, place mini pumpkins and pine cones you picked up from your yard in a row along your window sill over the sink, and create a garland of “candy” to hang around your door! (Styrofoam and colored cellophane can be sculpted into giant pieces of candy that you tack together with picture wire!)

Demonic Décor

Of course, hard core traditionalists will NEED to scare everyone that walks by and this can be accomplished in a number of ways. Use Styrofoam to create tombstones painted cement gray and “plant” a graveyard in your front yard, adding fake spiderwebs to the tombs and for extra screams, perhaps place a hand reaching out from the earth on one of the graves! Internet music stations begin to offer Halloween themed music playlists this time of year, so hide a Bluetooth speaker behind one of the tombstones and on Halloween, have the spooky songs playing continuously. Dip cheesecloth in fabric stiffener and place over balloons to create lightweight ghosts you can hang all around the house and paint your hands red and make bloody handprints on wax paper, hanging it over a window with a candle flickering behind it and create a crime scene guaranteed to scare the most jaded of trick or treaters!

There’s Many More Ideas Where These Came From!

Your Halloween won’t be the same without a new Smith Mountain Lake home to decorate; give us a call today and let’s start the hunt for your Halloween hideaway!