The American Dream means different things for different people, but the majority of us keep our dreams simple, seeking a safe and happy place to build a family and Smith Mountain Lake makes it easy to see your dreams come to life. Lake life is family life and as the children that make your family complete begin to grow, you start to seek more. A Smith Mountain Lake home with extra bedrooms, a big backyard, and one that is located in a family neighborhood near the best schools fill your nighttime thoughts, especially as most moms’ favorite time of the year comes around again. Yes, it is almost time for our littles to head back to school and if you haven’t found the home of your dreams yet, we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties would like to make that change!

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The Important Stuff

Just as the American dream differs from person to person, the idea of what makes the perfect family home differs as well! Your small family may only need a condo with access to community amenities or a simple cottage on the lake. A private balcony, a community pool, and close access to the best kindergarten may be all the former needs while a private dock, a bed of hydrangeas, and a high school within walking distance may be what the latter requires. Larger families may want to be in neighborhoods with all ages of children and may dream of a large yard that comes with a tire swing and a firepit. The number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen and the ability to sit out on a back porch and watch the activity on the lake, and locations near the best schools are more qualities that may be filling the pages of your dream home bucket list and Smith Mountain Lake Properties are the ones that can bring you everything you hoped for!

Also Important

Although your children may not be too happy about the school bells beginning to ring again, they will be happy about back-to-school shopping! Buying new clothes, shoes, and new Trapper Keepers (they are back on the shelves again, something that will make all children of the 80s very happy!) to keep in their new backpacks are things every child loves, and having a home located not just close to the schools, but close to the shops that sell all those items can be very important as well! Give us a call today and let Smith Mountain Lake Properties help your American dreams come true!