As summer moves into full swing, one of our favorite holidays takes place. In our minds, 4th of July, which we love even more this year as it falls on a Saturday, is the epitome of summer. A long day spent barbecuing, swimming, and watching fireworks explode in the sky is a day that is as close to perfect as can be, and when you are celebrating in your new house, it gets even better. And although it’s still up in the air whether fireworks are going to be an option this year, your Independence Day will still be a memorable one, especially when you follow this guide to fun Smith Mountain Lake activities for your 4th of July.

Plan a Party on the Lake

Your dream for a home on the lake has been realized, and there’s no better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday than with an all-American party! The menu can be simple; grill hamburgers and hot dogs, put out a bowl of homemade macaroni salad, and don’t forget to buy soda for the kids, as the adults usually bring their own favorite beverages! Ask your Alexa to play a classic rock station, stock up on sunscreen, and enjoy a day filled with love, laughter, friends, and family. It’s the perfect way to show off your new home to everyone who is important to you!

Get Back to Nature

You moved here to enjoy a different lifestyle, one that’s more laidback and relaxed than the one you experienced in the city, so why not take this long weekend to do so! If your new home isn’t actually on the lake, load up the kids, the dog, and a cooler for lunch and beverages and spend the day at the Lake. Whether you are swimming, boating, or simply lounging at water’s edge, this day promises to be everything you dreamed it could be when Smith Mountain Lake was just a place you wished you could call your home.

What’s the 4th of July Without Fireworks?

At this point, it is looking as if there won’t be any fireworks displays in the Smith Mountain region, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Chances are your neighbors will be out front setting off legal fireworks (in Virginia this includes only fireworks that stay on the ground; pinwheels, fountains, and sparklers) or if not, you can take up the slack and do your own. For the big booms in the sky, some of the local television stations are planning on airing fireworks shows from years past!

So Many Smith Mountain Lake Activities

All this fun and so much more can be yours when you choose the Smith Mountain Lake area for your forever home! Give us a call today and let’s get started finding the home of your dreams and to learn more Smith Mountain Lake activities. You may not get in before this year, but it’s never too soon to start planning for 2021!