As you finish unpacking the last of the boxes, set out the new Adirondack chairs that look out over the lake, and enjoy the final cookie from the Welcome to the Neighborhood plate given to you by your new neighbors, you may realize that now is the time to do one more thing. You’re all moved in and ready to explore the neighborhood around you, learning where the best parks are, which dance class is the right one for your 4 going on 40-year-old daughter, and what kind of family-friendly activities you can get involved in, especially as summer is just a few days away! And although many real estate companies would consider their job done when the final signatures had been completed, you are our neighbor now and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties will continue to help you get acclimatized to your new neighborhood; starting with this guide to family-friendly activities you can enjoy near your new Smith Mountain Lake home!

The Ice Cream Boat

As summer rolls around again, life is slowly returning to normal and that includes the return of the Ice Cream Boat. A local tradition since 2000, the year when a couple of enterprising teens got the idea to roam the waters of Smith Mountain Lake selling ice cream to happy residents and vacationers. The pandemic forced a brief pause (as it did with most activities all over the world, but 22 years after that first summer Travis and Ryan are back at the helm of the boat again! If you are worried that you will miss out on this fun summer tradition, don’t; the music they play to signal their arrival can be heard at least 30 minutes before you and your family can actually see the boat carrying all that frozen goodness!

Hot Shots Bar & Grill, 13360 Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta

We can actually see the wheels turning in your brain as you wonder how a bar & grill can be considered a family-friendly activity, but never fear; there is a method to our madness! Hot Shots is a local hang out for kids and adults, offering live entertainment, the previously mentioned bar, and grill, an ax-throwing fun center, AND an 18-hole miniature golf course! Everyone is guaranteed to have the best time ever when they spend a few hours exploring the activities available at Hot Shots!

Smith Mountain Lake Community Park, 1482 Parkway Avenue in Moneta

Not all family activities have to cost money. Sometimes a day at the park, playing on the equipment, tossing a ball around, and enjoying a picnic lunch brought from home can make the most marvelous memories and Smith Mountain Lake Community Park offers the perfect opportunity to do so! In the summer the swimming area is kept safe with the presence of lifeguards, and all year round the trails that traverse the park are fun to explore. Great for fishing, picnicking, hiking, swimming, and monkeying around on the colorful playground, some of your favorite moments are destined to happen right here!

Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas, 830-839 Morewood Road in Hardy

A day on the farm is always guaranteed to offer a good time and when that farm offers tours that allow guests to get up close and personal with fuzzy little animals, well, you know it’s going to be a great time. Alpacas, the softer, friendlier, and tinier versions of llamas are known for their gentle personalities and the Smith Mountain Lake Farm provides a wonderful opportunity to learn all about them. Also featuring a store that provides alpaca-related items (including the softest pillows you have ever slept on!) this sweet farm is worth visiting more than once!

Fun N Games,  16430 Booker T Washington Highway #13 in Moneta

Many hours have been spent with our families enjoying the games and fun offered at Fun N Games (see what we did there?) This is the spot where playing more games earns more tickets and more tickets mean bigger and better prizes for the littles to enjoy! Also, a great place to throw a birthday party for the tweens in your life, Fun N Games promises to be the all-American experience that brings kids and parents closer together!

The Backyard of your New Smith Mountain Lake Home

You could picture your kids playing catch together, running with the dog, and swinging on the swings that may or may not already be located on the expanse of green lawn you fell in love with at first sight. And as you play fetch with your good dog, push the kiddos high in the sky on the swing, and relax in comfort and style, you will know that this home was the home meant for you! Haven’t found the perfect place yet? Give us a call today and let’s go on the hunt for your backyard oasis!