If you have ever taken a drive behind the Downtown Moneta development, you undoubtedly noticed the rough shape of Old Moneta Road: the run-downs buildings, overgrowth of weeds, etc.

It is always a shame to see real estate gone to waste, especially when it has such inherent potential. Fortunately for Old Moneta Road, its fate is no longer one of further deterioration and waste, thanks to a few local artisans looking to bring some life back into the community.

Christopher Lynch and Jonathan Falls, both 26 and residents of Moneta, have opened a blacksmith shop on Old Moneta Road. Falls’ brother, Jeremy will open a welding shop in an adjacent building, and a good friend, Josh Ritchey, will open a leather shop located within the blacksmith shop.

It is the hope of Lynch and Falls to attract local artists and artisans interested in bringing a sense of vibrancy and bustle back to Old Moneta Road.

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