Summer energy bills can be a little high, especially as you and your family or the guests that rent out your Smith Mountain Lake home run in and out of the property during the most expensive times of the day. Kids leave doors open, clothing gets washed, and televisions, radios, and laptops are consistently plugged in and used, running the bill even higher. This guide to some energy-saving tips we have learned over the years, however, will help make your summer bank account stretch a little further, as you won’t have to put so much of it towards the bills!

Save the Big Appliance Use for After the Sun Has Set

Washers, dryers, even the oven in your kitchen can drive up the energy usage, so waiting until the cooler hours to use any of these appliances can definitely help! In addition, dryers can be the biggest energy suckers, which leads us to yet another tip: Hang your clothes out on a line and reap the benefits. Sleep comes easier when you fall into beds topped with sheets that smell like sunshine, and if you happen to save a little money while doing so, it is a good thing!

Plant a Tree Near the House

This environmentally sound tip is often surprising to people, but when you plant a tree near the house, it can lower energy bills as much as 25%! Cleaning the air and providing birds and other wildlife a new home in which they can reside is a bonus that we can all happily live with, and the shade it offers also provides a great place for energetic kids to play during the warmer days of summer.

Smart Thermostats Are a Smart Solution

Air conditioners are the biggest culprits when it comes to high energy bills, but a smart thermostat can help take a bite out of the bills! Some electric companies offer a credit when you install one in your home, and if you are following a time of use plan, setting it at higher temps during the more expensive hours will save you money, and you won’t have to remember to run back to your house and change it as you would a manual one.

Choose an Energy Efficient Home

New homes offer a lot of benefits, including energy efficiency, and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you find the new home of your dreams! Give us a call today and let’s find the summer home that meets all your qualifications.