When you first started the search for your new forever home in the Smith Mountain Lake area, did you ever think you would be looking for not just a home, but a workspace and part-time schoolhouse as well? The pandemic changed things in ways great and small, but that’s ok; we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties will still find the space that makes your heart beat a little faster! And if it happens to be near some of these educational places as well, that is perfectly fine. Parents are always looking for new ways to teach to the young and thirsty minds of their children!

Fieldtrips Are Fun!

Everyone knows that the best ways to teach don’t always involve a classroom and a whiteboard. Getting out and experiencing the history of the area can be fun, fascinating, and filled with facts you can quiz them on later! The Bedford Museum & Genealogical Library is one such place, telling the history of the region with pictures, exhibits, and artifacts from the past. Located at 201 E Main Street in nearby Bedford, the historical building in which the museum is housed is a fascinating piece of architectural beauty and offers a visual reminder of the strength of all those who have gone before us. Another place to explore during your Bedford getaway offers the opportunity to thank those who have sacrificed so much for our country’s freedom; the National D-Day Museum, found at 3 Overlord Circle, is sure to bring tears to your eyes as it makes you stand tall and feel proud to be an American when learning the stories told there.

Where a President Once Walked

The Presidents of our country are men we have looked up to for centuries, and Thomas Jefferson has the added draw of being the author of our Declaration of Independence all those years ago. Hailing from Virginia, his private retreat, Poplar Forest, is located in nearby Forest, Virginia. This magnificent plantation tells the story of this founding father in a way that history books never can. Walk in his footsteps and wonder about the things he may have thought about as he sat in his office or perhaps wandered the grassy fields of his property; this experience is one you and your children will never forget!

Home is Where Your History Is Made

As much fun as you will have in all these places, coming home to where your own private history continues to be told will be a dream come true. Give us a call today and let’s start to work on the next chapter with a new Smith Mountain Lake home to love!