The best way to make your new house your home starts with a meal, but not just any meal. We have all stayed in enough vacation rentals over the years and have cooked in enough kitchens to understand that not all kitchens are our own, but when you cook your first holiday meal in your brand new kitchen, it all becomes clear. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with every pulse of the food processor, every spoon licked by your child, and every scrap caught before it hits the floor by your favorite fur baby, its heart beat begins to beat with your own. This guide starts with cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and becomes the first chapter in the story of your new Smith Mountain Lake home and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties are glad to have a place in your story!

Thankful for the Perfect Meal

The perfect meal starts with the perfect kitchen, and although you probably didn’t realize it at the time, most of the rejects during your house hunt were because you couldn’t see your family in that room. You could get passed a smaller footprint, you could accept your children sharing a room, but a kitchen that didn’t speak to your heart? NEXT! And when you found “the one,” you knew immediately. You could picture yourself washing the turkey in the sink the night before, laughing at your daughter as she was grossed out by the guts you pulled out of the turkey. You knew immediately that the countertop on the peninsula offered not just a place to hold all the dishes you and your family members would create for the Thanksgiving meal, but that it was the perfect spot to teach your son the joy of baking as you rolled out your world-famous pie crust together. You saw the double ovens and imagined your husband pulling out that turkey that had been baking all night (the old-fashioned way that you still prefer!) and realized that double ovens could comfortably hold your grandma’s green bean casserole, the sausage and mushroom stuffing dish that was the star of the Italian side of your ancestry, AND all the dishes your cousins, uncles, and friends would add to the mix. And then you realized, as you are realizing now, that the perfect Thanksgiving dinner starts and ends with your perfect kitchen in your new to you Smith Mountain Lake home.

Washing Dishes with a View

As you hand wash your dishes ignoring the state-of-the-art dishwasher, because your forever home has that window over the sink that looks out over Smith Mountain Lake, you remember those early days of the house hunt, traipsing along behind your Smith Mountain Lake Properties agent, and you realize you are home, and the memories being made here are just beginning with the Thanksgiving meal. If you haven’t reached this stage yet and are just now beginning the hunt for your forever home, give us a call today, and let’s work together to get you your own window over the sink that peeks out onto the lake!