Well, it’s official. You have signed on the dotted line and your new home in the Smith Mountain Lake area is all yours! It wasn’t hard finding the perfect home in the perfect area, especially as you chose Smith Mountain Lake Properties to help with the search, and now the key is in your hand and your dream is coming true. Although the cleanliness and charm of your new home is what attracted you to it in the first place, the first thing you want to do, before you even move in your belongings, is give it a good cleaning, forever making it yours. These tips for cleaning other people’s dirt from your new home will help make quick work of the matter, allowing you to continue on to the second step, moving in your stuff!

Bathrooms and Kitchens

The majority of messes made are in these two areas, so cleaning them will be your first priority. Cut through any grime with three key ingredients: baking soda, white vinegar, and those white spongy things that work like magic! Starting with your bathroom, you will first create a paste with vinegar and baking soda, grab a toothbrush, and climb in the shower or tub. Dipping your toothbrush into the paste you just made, scrub the grout lines and the individual tiles, leaving it to set for a while, and then washing it off with a sponge (those magic erasers do wonders) and hot water after. This same paste will work on stainless steel sinks in the kitchen, so be sure to grab an industrial size box of baking soda and jug of vinegar.

If the shower and tub area isn’t that bad, go ahead and just wipe all the surfaces down with the sponge; there is even a version designed specifically for baths that will remove soap scum. In the kitchen, the sponges work really well in microwaves, refrigerators, and flat stove tops, so a visit to Costco may be in order! Toilets clean easily with a spray of Kaboom, and if you invest in the Clorox cleaning wands, you can do a quick scrub down in the mornings, ensuring your bathroom stays sparkling clean. Windex for windows, antibacterial spray for countertops, paper towels, and rubber gloves will help ensure that every inch of your space is clean and ready to officially be declared your new family home!

Not Quite There Yet?

 Of course, you may be still in the early stages of your house hunt, and if you are still dreaming about finding the perfect property, give us a call today and let Smith Mountain Lake Properties help make your dreams come true!