As summer vacation gets into full swing the urge to find your forever home hits hard, especially as the summer holidays start to occur. You want to have the first barbecue of the summer on Memorial Day in your new Smith Mountain Lake backyard, overlooking the lake as you gather with friends and as July 4th rolls around once again, you want to celebrate your own independence in a home that you have chosen to make your own. Smith Mountain Lake Properties offers this guide to your best life when you make your way to Smith Mountain Lake and celebrate the 4th of July in Virginia; there’s still time to make your home-owning dream come true allowing you to possibly watch the fireworks from your own backyard!

So Many Choices

Everyone has a different idea of what their dream home looks like, but we can promise that yours will be one that is easy to find. Even if you aren’t quite sure of what you want, there will be a day when we walk into that charming home on Smith Mountain Lake and you can immediately see yourself barbecuing on that large deck, preparing hamburgers, hot dogs, and perhaps grilling up big ears of sweet corn. You can picture a shiny red boat tied to the private dock and you can imagine gathering up your family at dusk and skimming over the waters to the center of the lake. Packing a cooler filled with popsicles and sodas and dropping anchor in a spot that allows you to view all the fireworks displays being held, some official, some personal, and realizing that forevermore, this will be your life. And maybe for the first time in all the days of your existence, you will finally feel at home.

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So Little Time

It can seem an arbitrary decision, choosing to find a home and be all moved in by the first colorful explosion taking over the night sky, but if not now, when? This life has been the one you have been working towards, with each accomplishment and promotion, and your family is happy to celebrate the holiday and your accomplishments in a spot that could be described as paradise! Smith Mountain Lake Properties knows this region and we know that you and your family deserve a home that fits like a glove. Give us a call today and let us do the job we love most, finding you the home of your dreams!