When you first begin to look at homes on Smith Mountain Lake, you also begin to realize that your needs for a home on the lake are completely different than those of a land-bound home. You’ll want hammocks to hang between the trees that overlook the lake, a dock to tie your boat to, and of course, the boat itself! But after you purchase a house and the furnishings and décor that signify you are living lake life now, your bank account may be a little low. Does that mean you have to wait to enjoy time on the lake until your coffers are refilled? Of course not, it just means that you might want to take a look at these places that offer boat rentals until the glorious day arrives that you can purchase your own vessel!

Bridgewater Marina & Boat Rentals

If you were a fan of the movie “What About Bob?” in the 90s, you have already seen your new hometown without knowing it, as many of the scenes were filmed right here in Moneta! Your house on the lake of Moneta is designed to reveal all the lake views while staying cozy and comfortable, and because the Bridgewater Marina & Boat Rental shop is not far away, you could have one of their Starcraft Starsteps tied to your dock in no time at all!

SML Boat Rentals at Mitchell’s Point Marina

The lake home you are seeking may not even be built yet, especially if you are looking at a lot in Huddleston, but SML Boat Rentals at Mitchell’s Point Marina has the perfect vessel waiting for you once construction has finished. Choose a fishing boat and spend your day catching the evenings meal or rent a pontoon and have a house warming party that your friends and family will never forget!

Westlake Boat Rentals

Although we all love the peace and serenity that goes along with lake life, some of our clients like to be nearer big towns; choosing Hardy for your new neighborhood is the perfect solution! Offering the simple charms of rural life on the water but located just a few miles outside the bigger town of Roanoke, homeowners can live in the best of both worlds with a Blue Fun Deck Boat or a jet ski from Westlake Boat Rentals tied to their dock.

Every Day Is a New Adventure!

The joys of lake life are your reward for all your hard work over the years, and when you choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties to help you find your forever home, you know your home will be the perfect fit! Give us a call today and let’s get this new chapter in your life started.