Moving into a new home can be an exhausting and emotional experience as you move the couch for the millionth time, wonder how in the world your favorite frying pan did not make it through the move and try and navigate your way through the shops and stores that dot your new neighborhood. This last activity can be more fun than the others, especially with Smith Mountain Lake Properties serving as a guide to where the sweetest shops in town are! Nothing solves a problem faster than a taste of sugar and a sip of wine and today we are going to take you to the best places to get your sweet tooth fixed around your beautiful new Smith Mountain Lake home!

Check Out Here the Best Dining Spots in the Area!

Gifts Ahoy, 16430 Booker T Washington Highway # 15 in Moneta

You may not normally think of a gift shop as a great place to enjoy something sweet, but Gifts Ahoy (not to be confused with those cookies you can’t resist at the grocery store!) offers a yummy selection of local candies and handmade fudge that is destined to soothe the savage beast requiring something sweet!

My Way Bakery,  13359 Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta

Here’s the thing about moving. Even as you are filling every minute of the day with unpacking, learning your new job and your new neighborhood, and a million other little life-changing activities, there will still be birthdays and family celebrations that deserve something to sweeten up the moment. Your new kitchen will be beautiful but who has the time to bake right now and with My Way Bakery, who really NEEDS to bake? Offering homemade baked goods that are whimsical, colorful, and delicious, every bite you take of the cookies, cupcakes, and cakes found here will be your favorite!

Ice Cream Cottage, 16430 Booker T Washington Highway Suite 3 in Moneta

Every summer day deserves to be enjoyed with an ice cream cone in hand and the Ice Cream Cottage and its cow print painted counter deserve to be the place that provides your favorite frosty treat! Offering a large variety of flavors for hand-dipped cones or cups, they also serve milkshakes, sundaes, and floats. Their flavors change periodically but right now we think that Chocolate Moose Tracks is the flavor that will go best with moving duties!

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Home is Where the Sweet Tooth is Conquered

If you are just beginning the hunt for your sweet new Smith Mountain Lake home, give us a call today and it won’t be long until you will be enjoying any or all of the treats listed here in the comfort of your new home!