The American dream often consists of many parts but at its center is always the plan to own a home and with the all-American holiday of Memorial Day rolling around soon, now is the time to make your own American dream come true in the Smith Mountain Lake region. Spend your long weekend relaxing on a hammock tied between two trees overlooking the lake, grilling your favorite meats on the deck of your home, also looking over the lake, and paying homage to those who sacrificed everything for the freedoms you will enjoy that much more as you look about the home that we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties helped you find.

The Weekend Begins

Close your eyes and picture it. You awaken at your normal time on the first day of the three day weekend and soon realize that the alarm has not been set and your day does not have to begin yet. Thinking ahead the night before, you closed the curtains to the views outside your new home, and in the quiet hours of the early morning, your sleepy brain congratulates last night’s proactiveness! Later you will awaken for real and prepare to head to your favorite restaurant for a hearty breakfast; your list of wants and needs you gave us at the beginning of your search may have included proximity to the Old Oak Café in Moneta and as always, we delivered!

A Good Time for Gardening

Many of the fun things we love to do get pushed aside on normal weekends as we spend our 2 days off catching up on all the chores we couldn’t do during the week, but a three-day weekend is special and after a big breakfast, it’s off to Walter’s Greenhouse you go to purchase some plants to make your new backyard the oasis you have been dreaming about. Perhaps you are looking to add some cheerful sunflowers to the garden just beyond the hammock we mentioned earlier, or maybe the aromatic fragrance of a beautiful rose is what your new space needs to feel like you’re home, but whatever you need, Walter’s always provides.

What’s Memorial Day Without a Barbecue?

Barbecues and pool parties are integral parts of the holiday experience and they also offer the perfect opportunity to meet your new neighbors! Whether you have added an outdoor kitchen to your oasis or are just grilling up the all-American meal of burgers and hotdogs on the brand new propane grill you purchased at the local Home Improvement store, located just down the road from your Smith Mountain Lake cozy abode!

Every Day will be Your Favorite Day

You may still be able to grill, relax, and party with your neighbors without owning your own home, but what’s the fun in that? Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your American dream come true!

The beauty of the holidays is always amplified when spent in your home with your family, but somehow, those same holidays provide an added luster when spent in a Smith Mountain Lake home. Whether you choose an on the lake house that offers views that won’t quit and endless options for entertainment, a charming condo where yard work won’t take up all your spare minutes, or a quiet farmhouse located away from the “hustle and bustle” of Smith Mountain Lake, your life will just seem brighter when the holidays arrive. This guide to celebrating the next big holiday, Easter, in your new Smith Mountain Lake home will help build the anticipation or if you are still in the searching mode, Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help make the search that much easier!

Easter Egg Hunts in your Own Backyard

Every parent has his or her own way of hiding the eggs. Some get up early on the morning of and let one parent distract the youngsters while the other does the hiding. Some prefer to do this important business under cover of the night after their own little bunnies are deep asleep. And still others may prefer to let the town or church do the egg hunt, dressing up the littles in their Easter finest and heading out to face the crowds. In your new Smith Mountain Lake house, though, however you choose to hide those eggs, that sense of everything being right in your world will linger throughout all the day’s festivities!

Happy Feaster

There are many reasons to celebrate the holiday, but one of our favorite parts is the feast at midday and the kitchen in your new home is destined to be the one you dreamed about! Offering high-end appliances, cozy family touches, and a cheer that can’t be dampened, your Easter feast (Feaster!) is guaranteed to be devoured happily and quickly!

Peace, Harmony, and your Inimitable Style

Every homeowner has their own vision of what the “perfect” Easter celebration will look like, but whatever your idea is, living in a Smith Mountain Lake home is destined to make it easier to make that vision come true! Enjoy the peace, the harmony, and the lifestyle that can only be found on Smith Mountain Lake at Easter and every day of the year; our knowledgeable agents can help you find your dream home come true! Give us a call today!

When we buy a new home, there are many ways we go about making it our own once we move in. Some homeowners love to paint each room a signature color that speaks to their soul, other’s take a particular room and make it their own space, a man cave, she shed, or library office. And then there are the folks who love dirt under their nails and flowers in their yards; these happy gardeners won’t be happy until the landscape of their dreams is a reality. This guide to the best things to plant in the spring will help all gardeners make their new Smith Mountain Lake property their homes.

Plant Smart

Native shrubs and flowers do well in the environment, as should be expected, so plant smart and keep it native. The Great Rhododendron is a beautiful native bush that offers a dramatic impact to any landscape. Offering deep green leaves and pretty pink or white flowers, spring is also when it begins to bloom, with the blooms lasting long into the summer. The Virginia Sweetspire is another popular bush, offering up tiny white flowers that grow together in an arch, similar in look to the ear of a wheat stalk. One thing we love about this native plant is the dramatic turn it takes in the fall; the leaves turn a deep and rich red adding to the autumn beauty of your garden. Summersweet, is a beautiful flowering bush featuring white and pink flowers that grow in clusters and filling your yard with an aroma that is sweet, alluring, and springlike in its scent.

Vegetable Gardens

One of life’s greatest luxuries is the ability to go out to your own yard and pick veggies to prepare for the evening meal and spring is a great time to start planting. This first list of veggies can do well in cool weather plantings and include lettuce, cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. This next list does better when there is no chance of frost occurring and as such it is best to wait until April or even May, a list that includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, and melons.

 Your Garden Makes Your Home

You can’t plant a garden if you don’t have a yard in which to do so, and Smith Mountain Lake Properties is here to help you to find the Smith Mountain Lake home of your dreams! Give us a call today!

We all have that vague idea in the back of our heads about what our dream home should look like. Some of us think a property that is small and cozy and offers views of the countryside is a grand idea while still others may feel that an apartment overlooking the city we are moving to is the only way to live. If you are in the early planning stages of buying your new Smith Mountain Lake home, you may not have reached a final thought on what you may or may not want, so this guide to locating your 2022 dream home will help you recognize which property is the only one for you!

Location Matters

A dream home can turn into a nightmare if its not in the right location. Buyers with children will want a family neighborhood with parks and plenty of kids. Empty Nesters may prefer a townhome in a high end complex with lots of amenities, and very few children. And nature lovers may need a home located directly on Smith Mountain Lake.

Amenities are Important

Although there is always a possibility you could purchase the amenities you crave at a later date, finding a home that has them already can be a dream come true. A private dock with lift for boat lovers, a gourmet kitchen for those who love to cook, and a shed in the back yard that can be immediately converted into the she shed/man cave you have envisioned can make all the difference!

The Details you Can’t Overlook

Some details are just deal breakers if the home you seek does not have them. A certain number of bedrooms so the kids have their own space, a living room area that is large enough that the entire family does not feel cramped when together, or even a garage to keep your car out of the elements (or to be used for storing extra stuff while your car sits in the driveway!) these important details, if missing, can ensure that the home you are buying is not the forever home you have dreamed about.

The Right Agency

Of course, the best way to locate your 2022 dream home is to start out with the right agency! Smith Mountain Lake Properties and our wonderful agents have the experience and knowledge to lead you to the home that may have just stepped out of your dreams! Give us a call today!

As you settle in for the winter in your new Smith Mountain Lake home away from home, the Valentine’s Day holiday reminds you of how little you know the area you have made your forever home. How do you bring sweets to your sweetest if you don’t know the nearest chocolate store and how can you plan a romantic night out when you don’t know the best restaurants in town? This guide to romantic Smith Mountain Lake activities that will make your Smith Mountain Lake homelife even more special is brought to you by the same people who found your dream home for you! Smith Mountain Lake Properties doesn’t ever desert you in your time of need and the proof is written right here on this page!

The Copper Kettle Company, 52 Firstwatch Drive in Moneta

Finding a restaurant that you can call “your place” isn’t always easy to accomplish, but we think the Copper Kettle Company in Moneta might be just the thing. Offering comfort foods that, well bring comfort, a full bar, and breathtaking views from their patio, this is the restaurant guaranteed to make you feel at home as you celebrate your love!


Hickory Hill Vineyards, 1722 Hickory Cove Lane in Moneta

When you can’t decide which is sweeter, that first kiss or the first sip of wine, why not celebrate both with a visit to Hickory Hill Vineyards? Located not far from your Smith Mountain Lake love nest and featuring the best of wines near and far, although their tasting room and gift shop are no open during the winter months, they ARE offering a Sweetheart’s Wine Tasting on Valentine’s Day, so make your reservation today. Once you discover how great their wines taste, we are sure it will be a regular stop on your spring and summer shopping schedule!


Romance at Home

The most romantic activity of all, however, may not involve leaving your love nest! A roaring fire in the fireplace, a chilled bottle of wine, and a simple meal created in the kitchen of your dreams can be all you need to make this Valentine’s Day one you will never forget. And if you haven’t quite reached the sign on the dotted line and are still in the search for your own honeymoon hideaway, Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you get there sooner. Give us a call today and let’s get you into the home of your dreams!

One of our favorite parts of house hunting is getting the opportunity to check out the design schemes of the homes we visit on a daily basis. While it could be considered research, we love to help out our Smith Mountain Lake Properties clients even after they buy their favorite home; there is just something fun and fulfilling about seeing how families make their homes feel cozy and welcoming. This guide to interior design themes that will make your new Smith Mountain Lake home shine will help eliminate that new house panic buyers often feel when surrounded by boxes and blank walls!

Lake Themes

Yeah, we are starting with the most obvious, the lake house retreat look, and although it may seem a little cliché, it is popular for a reason and so easy to accomplish! Water-themed art prints, row boat book shelves, and boat cleats attached to wood planks are an easy way to begin the process. Blues and whites are the most common lake themed colors, but feel free to dress up your house in your own favorite colors; it is the accessories that will make the look pop!

Cabin Design

The log cabin is the most loved of American décor and it won’t take much to make your home a updated version that would make Abraham Lincoln feel right at home. Tongue and groove planks lining the arched ceilings, wainscotting on the walls, and stone countertops are warm, comfortable, and so inviting, you (or your guests) will never want to leave. Lodge pole furnishings are popular, especially when topped with colorful quilts, perhaps made by your own grandmother! If there are no seamstresses in your lineage, however, many home stores provide imitations that will look just as beautiful!

Living the Upscale Life

Kitschy is familiar in lake homes, but if you march to the beat of a more sophisticated drummer, there is no reason you can’t design your home to match your own inimitable style. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and sleek leather sofas make your heart beat faster and provide a charm that appeals to many! Hard lines can be softened with a throw tossed across the back, tile floors are easily maintained, and lighting selections, always an essential part of any décor, are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Of course, if you are just in the beginning stages of the house hunt, you will have to wait a bit to find the style that makes your soon-to-be new house feel like home. Give us a call today and let our helpful and knowledgeable agents find you the house of your dreams!

The magic of the Smith Mountain Lake area is hinted at in its name, offering a variety of landscapes that include a beautiful and serene lake, as well as the rugged beauty of the mountains beyond. The best of both worlds can be yours when you choose to live in this part of Virginia because you know the secret: seasons that are serenely beautiful and adventures that can take place any month of the year when you explore the fun that can be had at nearby Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre! This guide to the center, brought to you by our hard-working Smith Mountain Lake Properties staff, shows off the versatility of your brand-new Smith Mountain Lake happy home.


A Different Type of Adventure


Located in nearby Lynchburg, Virginia, snowing, skiing, and tubing can take place during all the seasons, as they have developed a material that resembles snow, softening the paths that lead down the mountain. Take snowboarding lessons in the summer and know that you are doing something special as you shred the terrain wearing shorts, tees, and a giant smile on your face! Take your littles on a tubing adventure in the spring, being sure to stop for snacks in the concession center, where the décor will transport you instantly to a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps. Christmas card pictures taken in front of a roaring fire will be the envy of your friends and family, as the stone fireplace, tongue and groove planked walls and ceiling, and comfy sofas in the center create a backdrop that makes any picture look all that more special! Offering a rock wall for climbing, trail rides through the beautiful natural landscape of Lynchburg, and outdoor adventures every day of the year destined to make you glad you chose to purchase a home that is close to Liberty Mountain! Special events spread out over the 12 months of the year give you something to look for during the slower moments in your life and the fun you can have with your family at any time ensures that your bonds will never loosen!


Choosing Smith Mountain Lake Properties


Would you have discovered Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre without our help? Eventually you would have, we are sure, but the real question is whether you would have found the home of your dreams without us? We like to think it’s a special gift we have, matching homes with their dream families and vice versa, so give us a call today and let’s get the process of moving you started!

The best way to make your new house your home starts with a meal, but not just any meal. We have all stayed in enough vacation rentals over the years and have cooked in enough kitchens to understand that not all kitchens are our own, but when you cook your first holiday meal in your brand new kitchen, it all becomes clear. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with every pulse of the food processor, every spoon licked by your child, and every scrap caught before it hits the floor by your favorite fur baby, its heart beat begins to beat with your own. This guide starts with cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and becomes the first chapter in the story of your new Smith Mountain Lake home and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties are glad to have a place in your story!

Thankful for the Perfect Meal

The perfect meal starts with the perfect kitchen, and although you probably didn’t realize it at the time, most of the rejects during your house hunt were because you couldn’t see your family in that room. You could get passed a smaller footprint, you could accept your children sharing a room, but a kitchen that didn’t speak to your heart? NEXT! And when you found “the one,” you knew immediately. You could picture yourself washing the turkey in the sink the night before, laughing at your daughter as she was grossed out by the guts you pulled out of the turkey. You knew immediately that the countertop on the peninsula offered not just a place to hold all the dishes you and your family members would create for the Thanksgiving meal, but that it was the perfect spot to teach your son the joy of baking as you rolled out your world-famous pie crust together. You saw the double ovens and imagined your husband pulling out that turkey that had been baking all night (the old-fashioned way that you still prefer!) and realized that double ovens could comfortably hold your grandma’s green bean casserole, the sausage and mushroom stuffing dish that was the star of the Italian side of your ancestry, AND all the dishes your cousins, uncles, and friends would add to the mix. And then you realized, as you are realizing now, that the perfect Thanksgiving dinner starts and ends with your perfect kitchen in your new to you Smith Mountain Lake home.

Washing Dishes with a View

As you hand wash your dishes ignoring the state-of-the-art dishwasher, because your forever home has that window over the sink that looks out over Smith Mountain Lake, you remember those early days of the house hunt, traipsing along behind your Smith Mountain Lake Properties agent, and you realize you are home, and the memories being made here are just beginning with the Thanksgiving meal. If you haven’t reached this stage yet and are just now beginning the hunt for your forever home, give us a call today, and let’s work together to get you your own window over the sink that peeks out onto the lake!

Maybe you have already found the Smith Mountain Lake home of your dreams and it is just missing one tiny detail to make it absolutely perfect, or possibly you are on the hunt for the home that will change your life, and that little detail is on your new home must-have list. Either way, adding a fire pit or upgrading the one that is already there is an expense that can cost very little while adding a touch of luxury to the home you are choosing as your own. This guide to fire pits will help you pick the perfect addition to your new and beautiful Smith Mountain Lake home!

Keep It Simple

As the sun sets over the horizon and the stars light up the sky, gathering around the fire pit, sipping hot cocoa and telling ghost stories promises to be the best part of your day, and you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to have a whole lot of fun! Build your own with fire safe blocks (and away from low hanging branches) and use the chairs you have already purchased for your patio table. As long as they are comfortable and the fire is safe, the experiences you have out in the backyard are destined to be memorable ones!

Still Simple, But No Construction Required

Not everyone has the skills required to build their own fire pits, and that is perfectly ok! You can find fire pits at nearly every home store, ranging in size and shape from small metal bowls to larger tables that come as a set with comfy chairs. Choose from wood burning, propane, or even electric fire pits and discover how much more wonderful your yard is when you add a little extra style to the landscape!

Spoil Yourselves!

Everyone has their idea of the perfect backyard oasis, and if you believe in luxury, well, your options are plentiful! Build a beehive fireplace with built-in seating and connect it to your outdoor kitchen and spend every evening wishing you never had to come back inside. Are you considering buying a pool? Did you know they can carve out a section of your pool and dedicate that space to seating AND a firepit?

Choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Finding the perfect home is easy when you choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties. Give us a call today!

One of the more exciting parts of owning your home in the heart of Smith Mountain Lake country is being able to decorate for the holidays. Hanging valentines and Cupid’s angels in February, honoring your country with red, white, and blue décor in the summer months, and when the calendar turns to fall? Your decorating skills will get a work out as you switch from haunted Halloween, to blessed Thanksgiving, and, of course, cheerful Christmas, all within just a few weeks of each other! This guide to Halloween decoration ideas will help you create a space that is spine-tingling spooktacular and easy to put up and take down quickly.

Halloween Decorating Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Families with young children appreciate the need to keep the décor low-key and non-threatening as overactive imaginations can lead to nightmares and lack of sleep, so for you not scary will be the theme. Accomplished with the use of pumpkins, real or fake, you don’t even need good carving skills to make your home a Halloween do! Paint black cats or scarecrow faces on a giant gourd to place on your front porch, place mini pumpkins and pine cones you picked up from your yard in a row along your window sill over the sink, and create a garland of “candy” to hang around your door! (Styrofoam and colored cellophane can be sculpted into giant pieces of candy that you tack together with picture wire!)

Demonic Décor

Of course, hard core traditionalists will NEED to scare everyone that walks by and this can be accomplished in a number of ways. Use Styrofoam to create tombstones painted cement gray and “plant” a graveyard in your front yard, adding fake spiderwebs to the tombs and for extra screams, perhaps place a hand reaching out from the earth on one of the graves! Internet music stations begin to offer Halloween themed music playlists this time of year, so hide a Bluetooth speaker behind one of the tombstones and on Halloween, have the spooky songs playing continuously. Dip cheesecloth in fabric stiffener and place over balloons to create lightweight ghosts you can hang all around the house and paint your hands red and make bloody handprints on wax paper, hanging it over a window with a candle flickering behind it and create a crime scene guaranteed to scare the most jaded of trick or treaters!

There’s Many More Ideas Where These Came From!

Your Halloween won’t be the same without a new Smith Mountain Lake home to decorate; give us a call today and let’s start the hunt for your Halloween hideaway!