Thanks in part to its farm-friendly setting and proximity to the well established “green scene” in Roanoke, residents of Smith Mountain Lake are finding it simple and convenient to adopt a more natural lifestyle.

The first step to a more holistic lifestyle is dropping bad eating habits and adopting new, healthy ones. Start by cleaning out those cupboards! Remove any processed foods and donate them to your local food bank or church. You will replace these items with fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, and fish.

Read on for a list of local resources for fresh produce, meat, and other goods and services for the eco-friendly lifestyle.

CSA Shares

  • Riverstone Farm offers full CSA shares (will feed a family of four) or half shares (will feed a couple) with delivery to Roanoke. Call Bret Nichols at 540-577- 8218 for more information
  • Good Food Good People is comprised of a few local farms that work together to provide year round CSA shares as well as an online a la carte option. They also manintain a presence at a number of local farmer’s markets. More information is available via the group’s website.


  • Mountain Run Farm in Bedford offers grassfed beef, pastured poultry, and pork. Their animlas are never fed biosolids or GMO grains/corn. Those interested are encouraged to visit the farm, though more popular cuts of meat may be purchased at The Well in Bedford.
  • Eco Friendly Foods also located in Bedford has really set the bar for humane meat processing. Sold mainly in the farmer’s markets of Northern, VA and Washington, D.C., and to award winning restaurants in New York (Momofuku, for one), those of us living here at SML are truly lucky to have this rockstar of the culinary world right down the street!