For most of us, we want our homes to be conveniently located close to everything we find important in life. (Except for a small group that prefers to live a life secluded from the rest of the world, but that is a tale for another day!) We want our kids’ schools to be within walking distance, we need to be near a large array of restaurants, and when it comes time to shop, well, of course, we don’t want to drive for hours just to get groceries, clothes, or even home goods! As a whole, we are a social bunch and we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties want to make your house hunting dreams come true, so we have compiled this guide to the best places to go shopping in Virginia Smith Mountain Lake around your new home!

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Christina’s M & A Country Store, 7770 Stewartsville Road in Moneta

Moneta is home to many of our listed properties and as you move into the area Christina’s M & A Country Store is one you will probably spend a good deal of your time in! Offering a compact floor space and a friendly country store ambiance, this may not be the store you end up doing the majority of your grocery shopping in, but it is the perfect spot to fill your last-minute shopping needs and keep your business local, something we all are trying to do more of!

Glenwood Hardware and Supply, 10139 Leesville Road

As you settle into your new home on Smith Mountain Lake, there is a new reality you will be experiencing, one that homeowners everywhere deal with every day of their lives! That reality is you will spend a good deal of your weekends hanging out at the local hardware store and Glenwood Hardware in Huddleston is guaranteed to be your new stomping grounds! Offering great prices and that friendly small-town feel that makes you want to stay longer and purchase more, fixing and updating the little things in your home won’t seem like such a bad thing when you get to spend time at this popular store!

Antique Mall at Mayberry, 1170 Celebration Avenue in Moneta

Now that you have purchased your new Smith Mountain Lake home, it may still look a little empty as you haven’t quite found all the décor and furniture pieces that will make it your own, so a trip to the Antique Mall at Mayberry, is bound to make you and your home happy! Offering a sustainable way to give your space the classic look you love, it’s also a great place to enjoy a little me time when moving has gotten to be a little too much!

Wild Thread Co, 6728 White House Road in Moneta

This last shop on our list of fun and wonderful doesn’t have anything to do with your new home, although you will enjoy trying on the items you purchased in your brand new bedroom! Wild Thread Co is a charming little shop filled with beautiful women’s clothes, accessories, and shoes and we are obsessed with their Land of the Free clothing line featuring Americana tees, earrings, and baseball caps!

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The small shops and boutiques that dot the landscape can make life that much sweeter and when you choose Smith Mountain Lake Properties for your housing needs, you also get a guide that will make your move easier! Give us a call today and let’s find your perfect neighborhood!