It’s as if you just blinked, and when you opened your eyes again, the face in the mirror staring back at you is suddenly careworn and slightly wrinkled. Life moves at a face pace, and one day you realize that your retirement will be here faster than you realized and it’s time to start making plans. Is where you are now where you want to stay forever? Chances are the answer is a resounding “NO!” and you are ready to start looking for the town in which you want to live out your golden years; we have the perfect spot just for you. Here are five reasons you should start planning for retiring in Virginia!

Low Cost of Living

The good news about retirement is freedom from work; the bad news is money can sometimes be tight, so you want to choose a place where your dollars will go further. Huddleston has no road tolls, no expensive restaurants, and even the entertainment options are lower than in other cities.

Always Something to Do

Ok, you will be retired, which means you’re going to want to do things for fun, and Huddleston is filled with entertainment options. Golfing at Mariner’s Landing Golf & Country Club, fishing at Smith Mountain Lake, sitting on your back porch watching the changing seasons—the options are endless!

Experience All 4 Seasons

Many of you live in places where the seasonal changes are minimal; either you experience three varying degrees of winter up north, or three varying degrees of summer down south. It can be beautiful, but it can also be boring—something that isn’t an issue in our hometown. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all seen in Huddleston, and the change of seasons is glorious and breathtaking!

Small Town Goodness Not Far from the Big Cities

Big cities are wonderful places to visit, but horrible to live in when you’re on a fixed budget. Huddleston is within driving distance of many major cities, including Washington D.C., which is only a short 4-hour drive away. Living in Huddleston allows you to enjoy the slower pace of a small town while enjoying the excitement of the big city whenever you please.

Check It Out for Yourself

If you like what Huddleston has to offer, Smith Mountain Lake Properties can help you find your dream home in town! We offer beautiful homes on the water, condos and townhomes perfect for a couple after retirement, and much more. Browse our selection of properties today and start planning your life, retiring in Virginia!