Everyone, no matter their age, location, or even financial status has at least a vague idea of what they want in their dream home. Some dream big and have it planned out to the tiniest details—which may or may not include a window seat in the bedroom, a faucet over the stove for filling pasta pots, or even a tire swing hanging in the mature tree in the front yard! Others may not have more than a vague idea of space and number of bedrooms but feel they will just know it when they see it. For those that fall in the latter group, this guide will be a helping hand when you start the search for your dream home!

Location Matters

There are many things that can give you that irritating feeling in the back of your head that tells you this is NOT the one, and the wrong location can make the voice in your mind scream louder! After narrowing your search down to the Smith Mountain Lake region, you still have many decisions to make. One of the top questions you may ask yourself is whether you want to be on the lake or in a family neighborhood filled with kids close to the ages of yours. The good news is those questions are easily answered, and if you are still having a hard time narrowing it down, our Licensed Realtors can show you a bit of both.

Amenities Are Important

It’s true that you can cover a bad paint job and put in new flooring, but it can be more difficult to add a window seat and virtually impossible to add a basement! When you look through home magazines, start keeping a list of the items that interest you: gas stoves instead of electric, the pot-filler we mentioned earlier, or a three-car garage as opposed to the standard two-car one found on most homes. As you fill up your pages, your vision of your dream house will become clearer.

Does It Give You Goosebumps?

This last tip is more abstract and really can’t be explained, it has to be felt, but trust us: When it happens, you will know! One day you will open the door, and as clear as the windows that look out onto Smith Mountain Lake, you will be able to see your family gathering at the dining room table, swinging on the tire swing, and laughing at barbecues on that deck that overlooks the scenic landscape of the Smith Mountain Lake region! Goosebumps will arise on your arms and you will turn to your Smith Mountain Lake Properties agent and smile broadly as you say, “This is the one!” Give us a call today and let’s make the home of your dreams a reality.